The Certification Process

There is truly no other education in the world like Z-Health. Our educational training is 100% proprietary and proven to get results.

Z-Health offers a multi-level certification system, including an entire series devoted to the nine elements of optimal athleticism.

Each course builds on the next, working as a comprehensive program and training system.


We’ve taken the basic principles from the first three Z-Health certifications (R-Phase, I-Phase, and S-Phase) and created a comprehensive, 3-day workshop designed to introduce you to Z-Health and the step-by-step process necessary to take your (and your clients) life and athleticism to the next level.

Core Curriculum


Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Re-education

R-Phase focuses on the basics: precise mobility training through a neurologic lens. Additionally, we introduce and study functional anatomy, kinesiology, and fundamental neuroscience to lay the foundation for the "whys" of the system.


Integration: Visual, Vestibular, and Proprioceptive Systems

I-Phase builds upon the foundation laid in R-Phase to teach you and your clients how to move like the best of the best. Additionally, we study the critical role that the visual and vestibular systems play in movement.


Sport, Skill & Strategy

S-Phase gives you a comprehensive template to assess and correct the fundamental visual, vestibular and movement components common across all sports. You'll also learn to use these same drills to radically improve performance and bring a new level of FUN into your work with clients.


Therapy, Threat and Training

T-Phase builds on the foundation created by R-Phase and I-Phase, with dozens of new tools and assessments for the respiratory, lymphatic, dermal, and fascial systems so you can take on even the most challenging client.

Advanced Curriculum

The 9S series builds on the foundation created by R-Phase and I-Phase to take athletes and coaches deeper into the nine elements of every athlete that MUST be trained in order to create a complete athlete. The advanced training techniques presented in these courses will fundamentally change how you think about each of these topics – while giving you the science, tools and assessments you need to create rapid, deep results in your clients.

Sneak Peek Into What You Will Learn in 9S

Strength & Suppleness
Sustenance & Spirit
Skill & Style

As one of our most popular advanced certifications, this course will begin with showing you the direct interconnections between being strong and pain free. From there, we will cover how to achieve amazing hypertrophy using a powerful low intensity exercise protocol. Youll also receive sensory, integration-based assessments and the surprising secret to knowing when enough is enough. In addition, youll gain a deep understanding of the strength-suppleness continuum and the tools to further enhance performance based on this understanding.

Sustenance and Spirit will provide you with an in-depth, practical appreciation for the complex interplay of diet and behavior. Youll experience and practice our 8-rapport building principles that will have your clients internalizing your advice like never before. Additionally, youll learn effective ways to layer a personalized nutritional protocol to Z-Health training.

In this certification, youll learn dozens of visual performance evaluations that are directly related to all types of speed: movement speed, processing speed and reaction speed. You will explore the OODA loop and how this military strategy can change the way you train forever. You will also spend hours working on the skills and drills required to improve sprinting and field movement speed, as well as looking at advanced strategies for improving rotational speed for power enhancement. Finally, youll learn how to use video analysis software to dramatically increase your clients speed, power, performance, and technical skills.

In this extremely active certification course, we will cover cutting-edge motor learning paradigms and use them to learn sports movement primitives - which is the Z-Health approach to turning your clients into natural athletes. Youll explore the technical details of how to play and teach the most popular sports in the world, making you the go-to coach for athletes or people who want to be athletes. Well also teach you the science behind how to break the 10,000 hour rule to achieve sports mastery as fast as humanly possible.

In this S you will learn mind-blowing skills to fine-tune mental-toughness so that you will never give up at mile 7... or 17. Youll also learn how to identify the signs of neural fatigue and what to do about them. Additionally, youll learn the ins and outs of respiratory stamina and how it affects overall performance. Based off of emerging research conducted by elite performers around the world, this course is a life-changing exploration of what it takes to endure and win.

The 9S Structure certification will teach you how to understand the emerging science of neuroplasticity and how to harness it for pain-free performance. Structure will take you on an ultra-detailed deep dive into brain function and movement pathways and what this means for pain and performance training. Youll also learn the assessment skills necessary for knowing when to move beyond the joints and muscles to achieve the fastest possible progress.

"In my 20 years of training, I have never encountered anything that literally changes lives as much as Z-Health"

Nathan Baxter

World Ranked Powerlifter - Top 10
Bench Press - 332.5 Kg

Why Do I Need This?

Z-Health training will help you in several ways:

Personal Performance.

As a Z-Health expert, you have skills that allow you to produce instant reductions in pain, rehabilitation of injuries and amazing performance improvements in athletes and individuals from all walks of life.

Client Performance.

Every step of the way, you learn the connection between the brain and body and cultivate the tools you will need to help your clients improve their physical performances.

Guaranteed Investment.

In just three days, you will have a set of skills that justifies increasing your fees by up to 3 times.

Increased Clientele.

Once your clients see the staggering results they can achieve through these seemingly simple drills and exercises, its impossible to underestimate how quickly your client roster will grow.