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‘Tis the season at Z-Health Performance! Join us for the 12 Days of Christmas—a festive blend of connection, learning, and growth. It’s not just a holiday promo; it’s a movement to finish the year stronger, healthier, and more empowered. Stay tuned for daily content and exclusive offers!

Day 1: Breathing

Breathing Gym: 40% OFF

Here’s a quick, easy breathing drill you can try today when you’re feeling your energy lagging. It’s a simple breathing pattern, but does take a little trial and error to master.


Inhale 4 Seconds
Hold 4 Seconds
Exhale 4 Seconds
No Pause After Exhale

👉🏽 Our recommendation is to set your timer for 2 minutes and use the clock as your timer to make sure you are hitting the suggested times.

⚠️ The main thing here is to remember that the inhale follows immediately at the end of the exhale with NO PAUSE!

💙 Many of our clients love this for an energy boost and use it as a regular part of their warm-up for training.


Day 2: Vision

Vision Gym: 40% OFF


🤓 Here’s a challenge for you. This is typically called a Lifesaver Card and is a version of “weight training” for your convergence musculature.

👀 Start at the lowest line (circles closest together), CONVERGE (cross your eyes) or DIVERGE (look in the distance) depending upon what you want to focus on, and create the 3rd 3D circle in the middle. From there, work your way up and down the card.

☝🏽Generally, we recommend that you spend no more than 3-5 minutes working on this at any one time. Many people will notice additional relaxation and sharper focus after only 30 seconds or so. Enjoy!

⚠️ P.S. Check out more easy-to-implement vision exercises in our Vision Gym Product and save 40% today!

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R-Phase 30% off!

Feeling overwhelmed this holiday season? If so, it’s time to take care of yourself so that you can actually enjoy this crazy period of the year!

Today, we’re tackling overall stress build-up with some of Dr. Cobb’s favorite drills:

— Breathing & Contrast Work
— Trapezius Exercises
— Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Exercises
— Jaw Exercises

Click here to view “Holiday Stress Relief – My Personal Tension Relieving Routine”

At ZHealthPerformance, we’re all about giving you the tools you need to optimize your body and brain, especially during the high-stress holiday season. This is your “no frills” guide for a more relaxed holiday and is, in fact, one of the short routines Dr. Cobb does almost every day when dealing with higher levels of tension than normal.

We hope this helps make this holiday season your most stress-free yet!

If you’re ready to transition from where you are to a neurocentric approach to your work, and look at pain and performance through a neural lens, R-Phase is your next step. Save 30% today!


BBPG Membership: Save $100

Today we are sharing a longer video that will take you through specific drills to help with your Ankle Mobility. Building better ankle mobility is enormously important for reducing pain and developing better movement for many people.

This video is an excerpt from our Professional Membership Program: The Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide. This module focused on key research-based exercises to massively improve ankle mobility. We’re skipping the lecture section that explains the “why” behind all of this and just jumping into the movement practice.

This is a relatively long video so feel free to watch it in pieces, stop it to practice, etc. However, if you want to see all of the demos make sure to watch it all the way through and enjoy!

If you’re wondering about the Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide series, you can learn more here.

We only open the membership a few times a year, but you can get access today!

How to Build Better Ankle Mobility: Key Exercises Demonstrated


Strength Gym: 40% Off


🤓 It’s no secret that we love strength work of all types, but have a particular fascination and appreciation for isometric work.

☝🏽One question that often comes up is “how can I use isometrics to improve my dynamic movement?” In other words, can isometrics benefit things like sprinting, jumping and throwing?

📑 As a partial answer to that question, a 2021 study compared two different isometric training protocols and their relative impact on jumping and sprint performance.

🥇The study compared sustained (long-hold) isometrics to rapid non-sustained isometrics (ballistic). Both were effective and the study gives you not only the set/rep schemes but make sure to check it out to see which protocol won! The more important takeaway overall from the study was that brief, intense isometric training made a significant impact on DYNAMIC strength performance.

🔥 If you’d like to know more about our fundamental approach to loaded strength work, check out “The Strength Gym” and take 40% OFF TODAY!


Day 6: Blood Pressure

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🤓 Evidence continues to mount regarding the profound body-wide impact that can be created by specifically strengthening the respiratory musculature.

☝🏽 While most people tend to think about respiratory muscle strength training as some form of “advanced” breathing practice for athletes, nothing could be further from the truth.

💥 It’s a powerful rehabilitation tool and, as you will see when you check out the study linked below, it might be a critical tool for lowering blood pressure.

⚠️ If you’d like to know more about our brain-based approach to breathing, check out The Breathing Gym and save 40% today! 

More resources:
Lower Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes

Breathing Drill for Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure and Isometrics


Save 30% on the R-Phase Professional Certification Course

+ Get access to Essentials of Elite Performance, The Strength Gym, The Balance Gym, The Vision Gym, and The Breathing Gym with your R-Phase purchase.

If you’ve been in the Z-Health world for a while,  you know how much value we place on a great gait assessment.

Gait is the number one tool we use in every client assessment as a window into their brain function and we are always working to find ways to help Z-Health practitioners improve this aspect of their work.

This short, targeted PDF covers both basic and advanced versions of gait assessment, plus some tips for what to do with what you find.

Click here to download your Gait Assessment Guide

If you are intrigued with the depth of this content and want to learn more, R-Phase is the next step for you! Save 30% on your R-Phase Certification purchase today.

DAY 8: Push-Ups

The Strength Gym: 40% Off

Pushups: Are They Getting On Your Nerves? (4 Quick Tips)

Common complaints about pushups:
– My wrist hurts!
– My elbow hurts!
– My neck is uncomfortable!
– These hurt my shoulders!
– Why are these so hard?
– Why can’t I do more after all of this work?
– Etc…

Many clients who struggle to improve strength and endurance in a basic exercise like a pushup are fighting with their nervous system because of POSITIONAL NEURAL TENSION.

The top of a standard pushup, with elbows extended, MIMICS portions of a MEDIAN NERVE TENSIONING position.

The bottom of a standard pushup MIMICS portions of an ULNAR NERVE TENSIONING test.

A few possible solutions:
1. Median & Ulnar Nerve Flossing Exercises
2.  Median & Ulnar Nerve Slacking Exercises
3. Cervical Mobility & Stabilization Exercises
4. Pushup Modifications (bars, towels under heel of hand, pushups on fists)

Interested in learning more? Check out the Z-Health Strength Gym. Save 40% today.

Bonus: Check out this download on improving push-ups:
Click to Download Brain Based Pushups Training Strategies


Save 80% on Essentials of Elite Performance

“To have pain is to have certainty; to hear about pain is to have doubt” – Elaine Scarry


🤓 One of the most important concepts to emerge out of modern pain neuroscience is that the pain experience is incredibly INDIVIDUAL.

📚 The quote above is from the book “The Body in Pain” and it beautifully summarizes this idea. When movement and healthcare professionals work with clients it is always tempting to be somewhat skeptical or dismissive of pain – particularly when it does not appear to match what we see in assessments.

☝🏽 However, the key takeaway here is that movement professionals need to always keep in mind that the client’s experience is REAL for them in the moment. They are certain about what they are feeling, and in order to establish a relationship of TRUST with them, we need to truly LISTEN to and validate their story 💙

Today we are offering you a 30-minute lecture on Pain Neurobiology directly from our Essentials of Elite Performance course.

Click here to watch now.

If you’ve ever wondered about how pain works and how different systems of the body like the eyes, inner ear or musculoskeletal interact in pain, then please take the time to watch this entire presentation.

We realize that it’s a little long, but we feel that this information is incredibly valuable for both professionals who work with people in pain (coaches, therapists, trainers, and doctors) AND their clients. Enjoy!

Watch Now: Understand Pain Neuroscience in 30 Minutes

If you’re ready to learn more, you can save more than 80% on the full Essentials of Elite Performance course today!  

Day 10: Concussion Rehabilitation

Post-Concussion Syndrome Rehabilitation: A Step-By-Step Approach: $100 off


Current statistics indicate that up to 30% of people who suffer a concussion can have long-standing problems that go far beyond headaches and light sensitivity. Today we are going to talk about the four critical areas of post-concussion rehabilitation that need to be understood, evaluated, and addressed.

While this is a complex topic, in many cases, real recovery begins with knowledge.

Understanding the 4 major “domains” of post-concussion syndrome can make dealing with the ups and downs of the rehab process easier for everyone involved: movement and rehab professionals, patients, and their families alike.

⚠️ Here’s a super simple acronym to remind you of the four primary symptom domains of Post-Concussion Syndrome: PECS

P – Physical
E – Emotional
C – Cognitive
S – Sleep

📑 When you dig into the research surrounding concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome it is clear that brain injury can result in issues in each or all of these different domains.

👉🏽 As movement professionals we need to be able to understand how to assess and work with each of these systems AND recognize when to make an appropriate referral.

🤓 All of this starts with simply remembering to ask the critical questions in history about these four domains.

❓ Did you know Post-Concussion symptoms hit multiple systems?

💥 If you would like to learn more about our approach to Post-Concussion training and rehab make sure to check out our course NOW  ON SALE FOR $100 OFF.

BONUS: Click here to preview content directly from the PCS Rehab course

More Resources:
Concussion Rehabilitation (4 Areas You Can’t Ignore!)
Concussion Rehabilitation (Better Heart = Better Brain!) 


The Balance Gym: 40% Off

⚠️Balance Training – Keep It Safe But Make It Challenging⚠️

🧠 Like all of our body systems, balance adaptations require progressive loading over time – particularly using loads that are unexpected.

🤓 What this means is that we need to purposefully include dynamic, reactive balance challenges in our client programming.

☝🏽While it is important to do this safely, in order to generate higher levels of balance, coordination and postural control we need to introduce elements of perturbation if we want to help our clients prevent falls.

🤩 There are numerous ways to do this. We love to use bands around the hips or shoulders that allow us to add small, multi-directional pulls or pushes to a client as they stand, walk or run dependent upon their abilities.

💥If you’d like to learn more about our fundamental approach to brain-based Vestibular training, check out The Balance Gym. Shop today to save 40%!  🤑

More Resources:
Build Better Balance – Key Exercises
Can Balance Exercises Improve Back Pain?


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Today we’re wrapping up our epic 12 Days of Christmas series, and we’ve got to say that you all have been amazing!
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