Endurance Lives in the Brain.

For decades scientists believed that endurance was governed by peripheral anatomy. Now, everything has changed!

Mind Over Miles: The Neurocentric Approach to Stamina Training.

Life doesn't always offer an easy path; often, it's the challenging route that shapes us. Whether it's physical pain, intense training, or emotional struggles, stamina is the essential attribute that sees us through. And the best part? Stamina isn't just for the select few; it's a learnable skill and this course is the roadmap for maximizing it for yourself and your clients.

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Stamina Neuroscience Made Practical.

The neural foundations of stamina

Understanding the metaboloreflex and its influence on endurance.

Respiratory control and strength as key tools in fatigue management

The interplay between peripheral physiology and the nervous system in fatigue

Modern neurologically-driven models of fatigue and the threat neuromatrix

How to build personalized endurance programs for every client

The mental and emotional pain modulation techniques of elite athletes

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35% off 9S: Stamina until January 21st

Here's What
You'll Learn.

Video Lessons Part 1
The Goals of Stamina and the Models of Fatigue
Fatigue Neurology and Intro to Breathing Pathways
Introduction to Respiration Neurology
Intro to Respiratory Awareness: Nasal/Mouth Contrast and Pec Minor
Respiratory Awareness: Pec Major, Serratus Ant, Levator Castorum, Serratus Post. Sup.
Energy Systems and Rate Limiters/Aerobic System Tests
3 Min Step Test, Conditioning Methods, Exhalation Awareness Drills


Video Lessons Part 2
Play, Deliberate Practice, and Flow
Blocked Inhale/Exhale Practice
Respiratory Training Rationale/Studies and IMT/EMT Practice
Pain Tolerance
Pain Training Mental Tools
Russian Breathing Drills
Conditioning Methods
Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Video Lessons Part 3
Breathing for Improved Neural Activation
Breathing for Improved Neural Activation, Stress Reduction, and Pain Relief
Respiratory Threshold Training/ Stamina Training Map/ Beyond Buteyko
Recovery Best Practices
Breathing for Better Movement 1
Breathing In Sports Specific Positions/ Wim Hof/ Brain Endurance Training
Autogenic Training/ Stamina Conclusions


Our Clients
Are Saying.

Over 10,000 professionals are changing lives daily using our brain-based training methodology. We hope you'll join them!

Lead the change.

This isn't just a course; it is a revolution in understanding and applying behavioral science. Join us in leading this charge!
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