Nutrition Meets Neuroscience.

Traditional dietary coaching clings to the familiar – calories in, calories out, eat this, not that. But here's a radical idea: What if we start from the brain?

When You Change the Brain, You Change the Game.

Everyone knows that food matters, but habits and behavior matter more. 9S: Sustenance and Spirit offers you a personalized path to optimal results for you and your clients by delving deeply into the nexus between neuroscience and nutrition. Enjoy this video, pulled directly from the course!

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In a sea of generic nutrition advice, this course offers neuroscience-backed guidance.

Nutrition and supplementation through a neural lens.

Key conversational and coaching skills to promote compliance and new habit formation.

Personalization, based on neurology, of both diet and behavior change skills.

Why “nutritional problems” are really behavior change problems.

Simple, convenient self-assessment processes and tools that your clients can use to be their own “food scientist.”

Critical neural assessments for improving dietary change results.

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Here's What
You'll Learn.

Video Lessons Part 1
Introduction and It All Starts with a Story
Nutrition Statistics, Logic Fails, the Better Future Fallacy, the Importance of Individualization, and Why Nutritional Research is So Complex
Behavior Change as Job #1 and Rapport Building 101
Introduction to the Transtheoretical Model, the Skills Scan Exercise, and Listening Intensely during Motivation Interviewing
Nutritional Neurology Part 1: The Prefrontal Cortex, Cerebellum, and Hippocampus
Body Recomposition Challenges
More on the Skills Scan and Key Conversational Skills in Motivational Interviewing
The Art of Taking Action, the Z-Health Behavioral Heuristic, and the Fundamental Tendency Quiz
Video Lessons Part 2
Behavioral Foundations: Willpower and Shrinking Your Danger Window
Behavioral Foundations: Goals vs. Habits and the Instant Ability Exercise
Nutritional Neurology Part 2: The Insula, Vagus Nerve, and Interoception
Dermatome Stimulation
Becoming Your Own Food Scientist and Simple Nutrition Goals
Metabolic Assessments for Individualization: Heart Rate and Temperature
Habits by Design, Goal Taxonomy, and the Habit Creation Process
Metabolic Assessments for Individualization: Post-prandial Blood Glucose Testing


Video Lessons Part 3
Homeostatic and Hedonic Control Mechanisms, General Dietary Strategies, and Supplementation
Assessments for Individualization: Performance-Based Metabolic Assessments, Daily Subjective Assessment, and Managing Blood Glucose Levels
Laboratory Assessments, Body Recomposition Realism, Predicting Dietary Responses, and the Weight Loss Heuristic
Sleep Science
Student Q&A and the Habit Creation Process: Lateral Options, Vertical Targets, and Identifying Keystone Habits
The Power of Simplicity, the Scarcity Study, Sources of Influence, Identity-based Habits, and the Identity Transplant Exercise
Recovery Science and Nutritional Neurology Part 3: The Portion Controller Belt and Targeted Neural Stacks for Overweight or Underweight Clients

Our Clients
Are Saying.

Over 10,000 professionals are changing lives daily using our brain-based training methodology. We hope you'll join them!

Lead the change.

This isn't just a course; it is a revolution in understanding and applying behavioral science. Join us in leading this charge!
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