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Offering the Z-Health curriculum in multiple languages is one of the biggest projects we've ever taken on, and we are thrilled to be able to make learning the Z-Health material easier for our multilingual and non-English-speaking students.

The following courses have been translated into 5 languages

Essentials of Elite Performance
9S: Structure (NEW)
9S: Strength (NEW)
9S: The Next Evolution (NEW)

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  • All translated course videos include a combination of voiceover and subtitles.

  • Translated courses come with PowerPoints in five different languages, along with subtitles for the full resource video library.

  • We've added a translation plugin to Z-Health University site to translate general text and exams.

  • The materials are already in ZU, so you can begin viewing them right away!

On each page in Z-Health University, you can seamlessly switch between languages.
This will update all menus, headings, titles, and general text.

The PowerPoints have been translated so you can follow along with the course videos.

And newly translated exams will allow you to certify in your preferred language!

More Translation Updates

Additional Features of the Video Player

Click the Headphone icon to select your preferred voiceover language!

Click the CC icon icon to select your preferred subtitle language. Voiceover and subtitle language can be selected independently!

Faster and slower playback options!

As you can imagine, this project has been an enormous undertaking. Getting to this point has involved 20 translators, 3 different AI-based machine translation companies, thousands of files, and over 1,700,000 words. 

It has long been our dream to make this powerful curriculum accessible to more movement professionals around the world, and we are beyond excited to be able to share this with you!

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