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Webinar with Dr. Cobb

Episode 29: How the eyes and the brain work together

Video Highlights

Hi, everybody!

Dr. Eric Cobb back with you this week.

I have a very exciting opportunity I want to share with you. On November 21st and 22nd, I’m going to be doing a live video shoot with a company called creativeLIVE in Seattle, Washington. Why I’m super excited about this, it is a class on how to improve your eyesight and how working with your vision can improve pain and performance. It’s a two-day, eight-hour class each day. I’m going to be doing it live with a studio audience, and you’re invited to attend for free, and the way that you’re going to find out about this is to follow the link below this particular video.

​Now, there’s some cool stuff that’s coming up in this that I want to share with you. I have never taught an extended vision class except to people that train Olympic athletes. This is my opportunity to take two full days and go through a lot of very in-depth information about how the eyes and the brain work together to show you how you can build your own personalized program to improve your vision over time.

What I’m going to ask you to do is I want you to follow the link below this video, click on it, and go learn a little bit more about the program. I want you to join me there, and if you have friends, family members, anyone that is struggling with their vision, if they’re having to use glasses and they want to get rid of them, if they’re a tennis player and they want to be a better athlete, we’re going to be covering very specific drills and skills within this program that can enhance all of that, so this is for you, it’s for your friends, it’s for your family. Please share this video and share this link with them.

​There’s a special opportunity also included with this. I said before that this is going to be done with a live studio audience. If you are interested in coming to Seattle and spending two full days with me in the studio, there is another link to follow once you go to the course page below. You’ll see a link that you can click on. If you click on it, it’s going to say, “Hey, this is why I want to join Dr. Eric in the studio and here’s the reason I want to improve my vision.” I’m looking for just a few people to come and join us and because the deadline’s approaching, you’re going to have to do that video submission really quickly to make sure that you get your spot.

​That’s it. That’s all that I wanted to share with you. I’m incredibly excited about this program like I said because I’m going to be able to share with you emerging neuroscience, meaning how the brain and the eyes interact in a way that you probably will never have heard before.

The exciting thing for me in this is that whenever you look into the eyes and how they function, the ramifications are huge. Most of us go, “Hey, I’m having a hard time reading the menu,” but when you’re having a hard time reading the menu, it tells me that you’re having some other issues with your posture, probably with your back, your neck, your shoulders, how you move through the world, and all of that can be improved with the right set of drills and that’s what I’m going to teach you in this class.

​Please click on the link, learn more about it, and I hope to have you join me November 21st and 22nd on Creative Live




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