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Episode 35: How to explain Z-Health to your friends and clients

Video Highlights

Hey everybody!

Dr. Eric Cobb back with you, I hope you’re having a fantastic week.

This week, I’m going to take a little diversion from the blog and offer you an opportunity to get a hold of some really excellent educational material about the Z-Health System.

Here’s why we’re doing this and what we’re doing. For probably the last six years, every time I work with a client, every time I teach a class, someone comes up to me and they say, “Hey Doc, can you please give us a simplified way to explain Z-Health to someone that we meet.” Maybe we’re working with a new trainer, we have a new health care professional or it’s just interested friends and family that watch me do these weird exercises and they go, “How does this stuff work?”

As you know Z-Health has been leading the way for really over a decade in the idea of building a brain-based approach to health and fitness. What we’ve done is we’ve designed and filmed seven videos to help introduce the concept of brain-based fitness and rehabilitation to the world. Now the way that you’re going to get a hold of these is really, really simple.

If you’ll go to our homepage, zhealtheducation.com and we’re going to put a link underneath this video.

What you’ll see at on the right hand side, it says, “Put in your first name, your email and sign up now.”

As soon as you do that, you’re going to start getting videos sent to you by email and it will give the opportunity really to dive into some of the complex topics but in a really simplified way that anyone can understand that forms the Z-Health system.

Now if you’re a regular subscriber to our newsletter, you still have to go do this because one of the things we try not to do is blast you with unrequested material and unrequested info.

Even if, like I said, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you still have to go to the website, sign in and put it like I said, first name, email address and you’ll start getting access to those videos.

Now it is almost an hour and a half of content so it’s seven videos. Obviously you’re not going to watch them all at one time but the idea is to give people bit-sized bits of information that they can wrap their head around. Some of the videos cover things like why the brain is so important to look at and understand whenever we’re approaching health and fitness in the most intelligent way possible.

Another idea we talk about is the neuro GPS; the whole idea that the eyes, the inner ear and the rest of the body work together to know where you are in space. If you have pain, if you have movement issues or if you’re an athlete, you have to continually work on improving the integration in the neuro GPS.

I talk about pain and how it works in the brain and different things that we can do about it. We also talk about how this kind of revolution in neuroscience is going to increase performance for all of us. Not only physically but cognitively and emotionally as well, as we go forward.

As I said, I think there’s a lot of really fantastic information in there and I would love it if you would sign up and start getting these videos, for a couple of different reasons. Number one, if you’re a trainer, health care professional, I think this information that you absolutely need to know about how to be more effective for your clients. If you’re someone just interested in your own health and performance, this information is also going to inform what you need to be doing to improve your training and the results that you get. I want you to listen to it because I think it’s really going to help you, number one.

Number two, I would love to get your feedback because as you watch the videos, if I talk about things that you go, “You know what that finally makes sense to me”. Please let me know that. Conversely, if I talk about things and you go, “You know, I’m not getting the metaphor, I’m not understanding”. Then also let us know that because as an educator, my primary job is to be very, very practical in helping people understand these concepts and I would love to get your feedback.

Once again, website, put in your first name, put in your email address, hit sign up now. You’ll start getting the videos and I will really look forward to hearing from you in terms of how much you like them or dislike them. Just basically how do they hit you and is there anyway that we can improve them to help you explain Z-Health to people in your life a little bit better.

All right, have a fantastic week. Next week, we’re back to our regular schedule blog programming.

Talk to you soon.

Free Brain-Based Training: zhealtheducation.com

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