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Episode 38: Text Message Exercise Program: An Easy Practice Guide [DOWNLOAD]

Video Highlights

- Relying on motivation rarely works if you want new habits to stick, because motivation comes and goes depending on how you’re eating and sleeping, life demands, work stress, etc.

- The shortcut to results is to put a system in place that reminds you to naturally take action on the things you want to do, to become the person you want to be.

- Download the PDF included with this week's video for a list of easy, "do anywhere" ideas to get more movement into each day.

DOWNLOAD The Z-Health Text Message Exercise Program HERE

(Or scroll down to view the program)

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Hi everybody. Dr. Cobb back with you.

I hope you’re having a fantastic week again.

This week, I want to take us back to the last blog in which I talked about the idea of the text message exercise program. That is an ongoing theme for this year so far of how to use systems and reminders in our lives instead of motivation to help us really change our behaviors.

Last week, I talked about the idea of utilizing every time you get a text message to remind you to do something good for your body. Since that went out we’ve gotten some really great feedback.

People are like, “This is amazing. I’m doing more than I’ve done in years just by having my phone as a little reminder to do something, but Doc, got some questions for you.

If I’m at work, I can’t stop and do pull-ups. I’m not going to stop and do squats in the middle of the business meeting. Are there some other things that I could do that would be beneficial for me that I can do in 20 or 30 seconds every time I get that text message reminder?”

What I’ve done for this week is I put together a list for you. If you follow the link that’s included with this video, what it’ll do is it will allow you to download this little PDF document and it’s a simple list of different things that you can do throughout the day basically anywhere that should have some powerful impacts on not only your body, but your brain as well.

Again, remember our theme so far this year is behavior change, habit change. How do I make it happen? As I said, we keep trying to figure out ways to rely less on our motivation because that’s going to come and go and waver based on how we’re sleeping and eating and our relationships and how work’s going.

So we don’t want habits, which we want to have happen all the time, rely on motivation which is going to come and go. Instead, we want systems in place that are going to remind us to take actions on the things that we want to do to become the people that we want to be.

Like I said, please download this little list. What you’re going to find on there are things like eye circles, different simple joint mobility drills that you can do, and it’s just a list. If you have questions about how to do them or what they mean, you can always email us or call us at the office and we’d be happy to talk you through it. There you go. I hope you have a fantastic week.

Keep moving.

Keep using that text message exercise program as possible, and please let us know again how this is impacting your life and if there are ways we can make it easier for you.

Thanks so much.

Have a great week.

Dr. Cobb

The Text Message Exercise Program

Try 10-60 seconds of any of the following every time you read a text message,
check your email, see a commercial, stop at a stoplight, etc.

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Isometrics (Think Bodybuilder Posing!)
  • Get up and down out of your chair 5-10 times.
  • Even better, get up and down off the floor 10 times.
  • Even better(er) – get up and down off the floor 5 times without using your
  • Head rotations
  • Head side bends
  • Wrist Circles
  • Air ABC’s with your hands and/or feet
  • Ankle circles
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Big Eye Circles
  • Eye Spirals
  • Yes/No Exercise (Look at a fixed point and gently shake your head in either a
    yes or no direction back and forth)
  • Low Back Rotations
  • Thoracic Flexion/Extensions (Cat/Cow Exercise)
  • Deep Breathing
  • Supermans
  • Toe Touches
  • Play Catch with a Tennis Ball
  • Juggle

Obviously, this is just a sample list. Pick anything that makes you feel good and do it! Remember that the point here is NOT to suddenly use text messages to get “fit” but instead to learn how to use frequent occurrences in your life as reminders to take action on the things you really want.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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