Z-Health brain-Based Training Summit

Brain-Based Training, Elevated

100% Applicable Information for Your Personal and Professional Growth

What does it mean to move well?

How well can you apply the tools you've learned? Are you a master at individualization? Explore a new framework to help you use the Z-Health material more effectively and efficiently.

Neuromechanics in 2023

Enjoy this opening presentation on how to think about neuromechanics in a whole new way!

The Optokinetic System

Take a deep dive into understanding the optokinetic system and how you can begin using it right away to improve clients' pain and performance.

Balance Well Flow Workout

A quick sneak peak at some of the drills included in the Balance Well Flow workout. This is a 45-minute vestibular workout you'll want to practice multiple times per week!

Integrate Well

Discover breakthrough research that confirms what we've been teaching about the brain for decades. Plus, a new take on increasing cognitive and motor demands with dual tasking!

Move Well Flow Workout

How often, how deeply, and how specifically do you explore your own motor control? Do you practice spinal movements in all three planes of motion? Check out this new approach to progressing your movement expertise and adding novelty to your training.

100% Applicable Information for Your Personal and Professional Growth

You’ve probably heard this famous statement by Dale Carnegie:

“Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.”

This concept has always been the foundation of the Z-Health system, and it is the key focus of the upcoming summit. Join hundreds of Z-Health professionals from around the world to build and refine your brain-based training abilities and improve your results!

See Well, Balance Well, Move Well, Integrate Well


The Summit is open to Z-Health practitioners. The information covered in The Summit is applicable to students at various stages of the curriculum, such as: students who have taken introductory courses like Essentials of Elite Performance,  or R-Phase and I-Phase, are working through the advanced curriculum, have taken all certification courses, or are Master Practitioners. 

The summit will focus on the practical application of the material covered in the curriculum, as well as new paradigms and mental models.  

While there is no official certification offered for attending, you will still be gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

No refunds will be given once digital access has been granted.

Z-Bucks can be applied to the cost of courses, memberships, and products, but they cannot be used as payment for any of the summit registration options.

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