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About Us

Z-Health was founded in 2003. Since our inception we’ve dedicated ourselves to bridging the gap between healthcare, fitness, sports performance and life-long wellness by providing cutting-edge neurocentric education around the world.

Our curriculum is built on two key principles:

Because we love to know WHY and HOW things work, we’ve developed an extensive curriculum of practical, applied neuroscience dedicated to quickly and dramatically improving client results through the precise application and integration of neuroscience and biomechanics.

Our Clients

In our courses we have an amazing mixture of four different categories of professionals.

Our Evolving Curriculum

The Z-Health curriculum is broad, but intense, and constantly evolving because we are committed to life-long education for ourselves and our community. While our foundations are firm, we are always looking for better and faster ways to create results and we blend new findings into our courses every few months. Our coursework includes modules on a wide array of topics including:

  • Pain Neuroscience
  • Movement Neurology
  • Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Motor Learning Theory and Application
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation and Training
  • Sports Skill Coaching
  • Modern Strength and Mobility Training
  • Behavior Modification

Our Mission

We believe that high-quality movement is essential to a better life. We are dedicated to helping professionals develop the broad range of skills necessary to find and eliminate the roadblocks that hold their clients back.

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Welcome to Z-Health Neurofundamentals

This exploratory program is designed to share with you vital information, assessments and exercises from our certification curriculum.


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Applied Neuroscience for Pain Relief and Improved Performance

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