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Master Practitioner - Clare Harding

Clare Harding

Posición: Maestro de la salud Z

Long-standing pain is a pain. Keeps dragging our attention away from more interesting things, slows us down, disrupts our sleep – and our fun. My joy is to dig away at the causes of pain and frustration, winkle them out and away.

It takes time and commitment, but the results!!! My clients achieve results they – and others – think impossible. Also, in my early years as a trainer, clients often came in and started weeping they were so fed up with their life. None of that now! The normal sound to emerge from my gym is laughing or silent concentration. And no, I have not examined their relationship with their mother to help them cheer up. We all get happier when everything is working better.

I have been a trainer since 2000 and found Z-Health in 2010. As an experienced trainer, I match my client’s needs with my knowledge of Z-Health whilst giving them a workout. Whilst I am a qualified sports massage therapist, I much prefer to help people sort themselves out, so getting far superior results. All love the ability to reduce pain and improve performance when they need it most – on the field of work or play.

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