Train At Home With The Vision, Balance, Breathing & Strength Gyms

For the last 20 years, we have been obsessed with discovering the fastest possible ways to change the human body.

Whether the change is aimed at eliminating pain, improving sports performance, strengthening lifts in the gym, or winning a world championship – research and experience have demonstrated that life-changing improvements are possible when we focus on the 4 Pillars of Performance:

Vision, Balance and Strength Gym Bundle

Train at home, with the power of neuroscience, using the Vision, Balance & Strength Gyms.

The simple fact is that everything about us – from our skeleton to the way our muscles work, to the incredibly intricate design and function of our visual and vestibular (balance) systems – is designed to allow us to move with hyper-efficiency through the world. Unfortunately, each of these systems is susceptible to injury and weakness from disuse, lousy training, and reduced movement habits.

To help solve this, we’ve created four different train-at-home programs designed through the lens of modern neuroscience to teach you how to:

  • Self-assess your current performance levels by identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a personalized training program to maximize how you feel and perform

With these programs, you don’t have to go to a gym, buy expensive equipment, or even leave your house or workplace to train. All that you have to do is watch the videos, follow along with the exercises, and reap the benefits!


The Balance Gym

The Balance Gym online training program is the most complete set of brain-body exercises available for dramatically improving your balance and movement quickly and effectively.

The Breathing Gym

Specifically designed to teach you how to build your own personal breathing program for pain-relief, improved movement, optimal performance and a better brain.

The Vision Gym

This simple follow-along program can literally change your life by changing how you see, directly impacting total-body pain relief and performance training.

The Strength Gym

Reeducate your brain and body to become an elegant mover for the rest of your life through specific mobility exercises in our most popular program: The Strength Gym.

Gyms bundle

Vision, Balance and Strength Gym Bundle

Train at home with the power of neuroscience, using the Vision, Balance & Strength Gyms.

When you buy all three, you save 20%!



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Applied Neuroscience for Pain Relief and Improved Performance

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