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Visual, Vestibular, & Proprioceptive Integration

Once you understand the information in I-Phase, there is no going back! Neurology and brain-first thinking will be your lens for the world and your work. I-Phase adds essential layers of neurology to the fundamentals you explored in R-Phase, with a heavy focus on how the eyes and inner-ear impact movement.

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I-Phase Professional Certification

I-Phase: Neurology for Enhanced Movement

  • Fundamental neurology, pathways and assessments of the visual and vestibular systems for rehabilitation, pain-relief and performance enhancement.

  • Advanced mobility concepts and drills that go far beyond biomechanics to explain how to specifically target the nervous system with exercise.

  • Vestibular assessments and specific training drills for the most common dysfunctions you will encounter with your clients.

  • Using modern, neuroscience-based concepts for habit formation and behavior modification that will change how you talk to and work with your clients.

I-Phase Professional Certification

What’s in I-Phase?

  • Lifetime access to over 24 hours of course videos.
    Dive in anytime, anywhere. ($2995)
  • Downloadable PDF PowerPoints.
    Have all the info at your fingertips. ($195)
  • Extensive research archive PDF.
    The science behind the practice, always within reach. ($295)
  • Video resource library.
    Drills and exercises, ready when you are. ($395)
  • Downloadable vision charts and exercises.
    Tools to use right away. ($195)

Total value? Over $4,000!

Your investment? Just $1,617 with promo code: IPHASEUPGRADE.
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Multilingual Options

I-Phase is available in 5 languages.
On each page in Z-Heath University, you can seamlessly switch between languages.
This will update all menus, headings, titles, and general text.

  • All translated course videos include a combination of voiceover and subtitles.

  • Translated courses come with PowerPoints in five different languages, along with subtitles for the full resource video library.

  • We've added a translation plugin to Z-Health University site to translate general text and exams.

  • The materials are already in ZU, so you can begin viewing them right away!

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