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Unlocking Human Performance

One Brain at a Time

Do you have the nagging feeling that your client’s results are suffering because you don’t know how the brain works? Most movement professionals have one nagging question in mind every day. 

Why do some clients improve and others don’t?
The key to answering this question lies in understanding how the brain and body interact. Pain relief, health, fitness and elite sport performance all exist on a continuum of movement. Movement that is governed not by biomechanics, but by neurology.

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Applied Neuroscience

Unravel the Mystery of Better Movement

Movement professionals are already experts in biomechanics, but this is often not enough. Movement is complex. So are clients.

To maximize results, top professionals must have an extensive skillset built around movement neurology, pain neurophysiology, visual and vestibular interactions with the musculoskeletal system, motor learning concepts, behavior modification approaches, and more.

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