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Welcome to Z-Health Neurofundamentals

This exploratory program is designed to share with you vital information, assessments and exercises from our certification curriculum.

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Z-Health Neurofundamentals Overview

After two decades of teaching health and fitness professionals how to apply neuroscience in day-to-day client sessions, we’ve learned that having an opportunity to personally experience the material is key.  The exploratory Neurofundamentals program comprises excerpts from our  3-day Essentials of Elite Performance introductory course.

Over 8 hours of practical neuroscience via lecture, demonstrations and hands-on practice.

4 essential assessments for the visual system

Fundamental vestibular system assessments and drills

Z-Health motor control exercises for brain activation

The neurology behind the Z-Health assess and re-assess process

Vital concepts of respiratory assessment and 2 of our favorite breathing exercises

An introduction to neuromechanical exercises and why they are important

What Movement Professionals Have To Say​

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Applied Neuroscience for Pain Relief and Improved Performance

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