We are so happy to welcome you to
Z-Health Neurofundamentals!

This exploratory program is designed to share with you vital information, assessments and exercises from our certification curriculum.


What Is

After two decades of teaching health and fitness professionals how to apply neuroscience in day-to-day client sessions, we’ve learned that having an opportunity to personally experience the material is key. Enter your name and email to unlock 30 days of access to our online portal, completely free!

The material that you will see in Neurofundamentals is taken from the introductory 3-day course in our curriculum called Essentials of Elite Performance.

30 days of access to our online portal, completely free

What You Are Going to Learn

Over 8 hours of practical neuroscience via lecture, demonstrations and hands-on practice.

4 essential assessments for the visual system

Fundamental vestibular system assessments and drills

Z-Health motor control exercises for brain activation

The neurology behind the Z-Health assess/re-assess process

Vital concepts of respiratory assessment and 2 of our favorite breathing exercises

An introduction to neuromechanical exercises and why they are important

what happens next

Once you sign up, you get access to Z-University. You will be assigned an education advisor and receive email support as you work through the 30 day program. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

30 days of access to our online portal, completely free

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