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Master Practitioner Application

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

The Z-Health Master Practitioner Program is the cutting-edge, capstone education program that is available to Z-Health coaches once they’ve completed R-, I-, S-, and T-Phase.

The Master Practitioner Program covers higher level neurology concepts and coaching skills, and it includes testing on all 11 certification courses from the Z-Health curriculum. It is designed so trainers and therapists can participate in the program while still working to complete their 9S Certifications.

When we began crafting this expansive learning experience, we considered the successes and shortcomings of the original Master Trainer Program, the newly-evolving goals of Z-Health and Z-Health coaches, and the current standards of professional development and adult learning degree programs in the health and fitness field and beyond. With all that in mind, we created the new Master Practitioner Program.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the program and what to expect:

The Master Practitioner Program

Program Structure: The New Master Practitioner Program is intended to be an 18–24 month program that teaches advanced integration and applications of the Z-Health material to participants in a flexible and relevant way, with considerations for remote learners, different learning styles, and widely different client populations.

Teaching Concept: The program has been designed as an advanced learning program where far greater emphasis is placed on teaching time, utilization of the Z-Health principles and tools in the real world, and synthesis of course materials together in strategic ways. There will be far less emphasis on the rote recitation of material. While testing is an integral part of the new program, the primary focus will be the online learning modules and facilitating immediate and effective implementation.

Learning Opportunities: The program materials and learning opportunities can be divided into five major categories:

  1. Online Advanced Learning Modules – The program provides an advanced learning module for each of the 9S certification courses so that participants can go above and beyond what is taught in class. Each module contains written and video resources that may include case studies, presentations, assignments to complete, and study questions to explore. Access to these modules will be granted to participants only after they complete the certification for the corresponding 9S course and completed the initial prerequisite testing.
  2. Webinar Teaching with Dr. Cobb – These teaching opportunities with Dr. Cobb will cover material that is not specific to any of the courses, but vitally important for high-level utilization and synthesis of the Z-Health material in the real world. Each of the 90-minute to 2-hour webinars focuses on one component of the Z-Health 8 Levels Model and emphasizes how to use the information presented for more profound history taking, clinical reasoning, neural reasoning, application, coaching practices, referrals, and more. Several of the presentations contained so much information, in fact, that they had to be split up into multiple calls!
  3. Video Conferences – These group video conferences will be a time for Master Practitioners and Master Practitioner candidates to get on a call with one another, Z-Health instructors, and guest speakers to receive instruction on advanced topics, ask questions, seek clarification on assignments, or get feedback on modules and teaching material. We have seen over the years that high social interaction between participants dramatically increases their success in applying the information with clients, so we have built this feature into the program from the beginning and encourage you to take advantage of it.
  4. Private Forum Access –The private MP forum (currently on Facebook) allows participants to discuss assignments, advanced application, and client successes and challenges.
  5. 9S Course Testing – Once participants have completed a module for a 9S course, they will complete the accompanying exams to demonstrate their knowledge and application skills. The tests may be taken more than once, and students are welcome to use notes and an open-book style of study to complete them. The exams and modules may be done in any order, but they will not be considered complete until a perfect score has been achieved for each test.

Program Investment

Time – Participants may go at their own pace to complete the program, but our suggestion is to spend approximately 20–25 hours per month to complete all the reading, work, and learning opportunities. This rate, of course, may be slower or more sporadic for students who are still attending 9S courses for the first time concurrently with their participation in the program.

Financial – The tuition for new participants to take part in the full program is $3,995. Because we have worked extensively with everyone in the program in the past and understand the time commitment involved, we have decided to bend our typical payment rules and allow 6 or 12 month payment plan options. 

Beginning the Program

Here is how the program will roll out once we receive your application:

  1. Upon being accepted into the program, you will receive immediate access to the webinars, video conferences, online prerequisite testing, and private Facebook group. The prerequisite testing covers the R-, I-, S-, and T-Phase material.
  2. Once you complete the prerequisite testing, you will gain access to any of the Advanced Learning Modules and testing series that correspond to the 9S certifications you’ve attended. For each additional 9S course you attend, the associated Master Practitioner material will be made available automatically the next week.

Completing the Program

After you have completed all the learning modules and testing, you will officially earn the title of Z-Health Master Practitioner! Along with this title comes a special designation in our Find a Trainer app, a spot for your headshot and bio on our web page dedicated to the Master Practitioners, preferred referral status, exclusive use of the Z-Health Master Practitioner logo, and the satisfaction that you have reached a milestone on the path of mastery that puts you in the top 1% of Z-Health coaches.

Questions about the application process or the program may be directed to MasterPractitioner@zhealth.net, and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Finally, let us say congratulations to you on your Z-Health journey thus far. We are incredibly grateful that you have chosen to be a part of this community, and we look forward to continuing our work together in revolutionizing how the world moves.6 or 1

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