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The Z-Health Master Practitioner Program

The Z-Health Master Practitioner Program educates and certifies Z-Health practitioners beyond the standard Z-Health curriculum. First envisioned over a decade ago, this rigorous development program has grown into a world-class learning experience that produces graduates with a level of skill and professionalism that firmly places them in the upper echelons of the health and fitness industry and the top 1% of the Z-Health community.

Z-Health Master Practitioners

Eliana Uretsky

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Eliana dove into ZHealth in 2013 and has been immersed ever since. She is a Master Trainer who continues to expand her Neuro-knowldege. Eliana has been a student and teacher of the body and movement her entire adult life, guided by a sense of wonder at the endless universe the body offers us for exploration and self-mastery. ZHealth has provided a neurological foundation for her work, improved her own quality of life, blown her mind more than once, and given her specific, definable tools for levering change.

Eliana’s certifications include: ZHealth Master Practitioner and all the 9S courses, Pilates teacher, Anusara-based yoga teacher, Body-Mind Centering teacher and practitioner, Middendorf Experience of Breath practitioner, Cranial-Sacral Therapist, and CMT/Certified Massage Therapist. She is an RSMT (registered somatic movement therapist) who has taught and practiced Authentic Movement for over three decades.

Eliana dances regularly, loves being underwater, and often has her hands in the earth. She works with people in private sessions and teaches NeuroCentric fitness classes, Neuro-based yoga, lymphatic self-care, and introductory ZHealth classes in San Diego and online.

Eliana Uretsky

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Eliana dove into ZHealth in 2013 and has been immersed...

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