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The Pain Free Kettlebell Method

Z-Health is a huge system with the potential for a limitless number of drills that can be applied to any problem. Most people will find that they get a great result by just doing the R and I-Phase mobility work, but when trying to target something very specific (like kettlebell training) it helps to have some guidance. The Pain Free Kettlebell Method is the result of over two years of experimenting with Z-Health drills and principles from R-Phase, I-Phase, S-Phase and T-Phase. The Pain Free Kettlebell Method consists of two separate products. The Live Workshop Video is a two hour recording of the introductory PFKM workshop filmed at Z-Health Headquarters. It covers material for the swing and the press, as well as some vision and breathing drills not contained in the Instruction Manual and DVD. You also will be able to watch a group of Z-Health Master Trainers going through this process, and the results they experienced. The Instructional Manual and DVD consists of a full manual and DVD. This product contains detailed instruction on drills for the swing, press, Turkish Get-Up and snatch. It also includes information on the science behind this approach as well Z-Health's innovative use of auto-regulation to help you decide when to push forward and when to back off in your workouts.

Digital DVD & Manual: $39
Physical DVD & Manual: $49
Live Workshop (Download): $79
Digital Package Deal: $108
Physical Package Deal: $118

Strength by Sara

Join Sara Cheatham, Z-Health Master Trainer and kettlebell instructor, for a complete collection of strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises that will leave you more resilient and energized. You can and should do these drills for the rest of your life to avoid age-related injuries and maladies such as arthritis, falls, bone loss, mental sluggishness, and dependency on others.

Strength by Sara: Kettlebell Pregnancy Guide

Are you looking for a safe, effective, and complete training program for each day of your pregnancy (or someone special's)? Whether you're an advanced kettlebell user or just a beginner - if you're looking for a healthy, powerful pregnancy without skipping a beat, the Strength by Sara Kettlebell Pregnancy Guide is for you.

DVD + Reference Guide/Workbook...the FULL package!: $149 $99

Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief & Prevention

Based upon the cutting-edge neurophysiological principles of the Z-Health Performance system, the Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief & Prevention was created with the belief that you can only perform your best when you are out of pain and feeling great. Created by Z-Health Master Trainer Jen Waak, this guide was created by someone who has been in your shoes. Jen is a former management consultant, having spent 15 years in corporate America working the crazy hours, running around in the cute little heels, attending client lunches, and with that - of course - the low back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and bad eyes.

Ebook: $24
Standup Book: $39

Hacking Your Workouts to Guarantee Results

Fitness has Evolved! Hacking Your Workouts to Guarantee Results gives you a protocol and systematic approach to not only make sure the exercises you choose are safe, but will actually make you better in that session. You can now guarantee that you and your clients will improve every workout! While traditional programming is effective, there is no way to know exactly what one should be doing in their workout 3 weeks from when it is written. Life is hectic and things don’t always go to plan. A modern Neuroscience “Hack” enables you to know for sure whether or not the exercises you have planned for yourself or your clients today are going to help them or potentially make them worse and risk injury. Contrary to popular belief, not every day is squat day!

Digital Version: $77
Physical Version: $97
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