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Kari Niemi

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Kari Niemi, physiotherapist, OMT It is said that the brain is for movement and movement only. Kari has been interested in movement and movement-related pain since he began his career in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation over thirty years ago. Kari works with patients from all walks of life, including elite-level athletes and weekend warriors,…

Jochem Stephan

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Jochem was born into a Dutch tennis family living in Portugal and is momentarily working and living in Switzerland. Sports, travel, and adventure run in his genes, and he spends his spare time playing piano. His life motto is: mens sana im corpore sano. Jochem has a background as a tennis player, tennis teacher, and…

Martin Bünter

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Martin Bünter works with his partner in their own practice in Kloten. The question of the different performance abilities of young athletes in floorball and the contact with Luca Nussbaumer was the starting point for Martin to deal more deeply with neuro-centered forms of training. The focus was initially on the team setting. After an…

Selene Ricardez

Z-Health Master Practitioner

“I love the empowerment that comes from improving your body at any age, whether it is pain-related or improving strength, balance, coordination or a very specific performance goal. I will be with you every step of the way.” – Selene Ricardez Selene is an animal and plant lover, dancer, martial art aficionado. When she is…

Roger Yamanaka

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Roger helps business executives, serious golfers, and competitive athletes effectively eliminate pain, spend more time in flow, and feel and perform their very best by optimizing brain health. His physical therapy practice is located in Beverly Hills, California where he works with clients to maximize physical capacity, sharpen cognitive performance, and improve overall health. As…

Hady Daboul

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Hady started his journey in neurocentric training in 2013, when he was guided by Romana Kučerová, a local physiotherapist in Bonn who specialized in neurological rehabilitation. During the last years of Hady’s medical studies, they developed treatment plans and ideas around structured brain-based training for major neurological disorders, with a focus on stroke rehab, Parkinson’s Disease,…

Luca Nussbaumer

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Luca Nussbaumer is the founder of the “neuronuss GmbH,” a neurocentric, holistic and interdisciplinary training approach in rehabilitation and performance. As a sport scientist, Luca was never really happy and always in search of more precise, more individualized approaches to human health and high-level performance. After working in athletics for more than 10 years, he…

John McCullough

Z-Health Master Practitioner

John is a certified personal trainer, health coach, group fitness instructor and owner of Pain and Performance Strategies in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been a T’ai Chi practitioner for over 25 years and has been a certified T’ai Chi instructor since 2011. The Z-Health curriculum provides the core of John’s approach to working with clients,…

Jorge Sagrado Sánchez

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Since I was a kid, I’ve been really interested in movement and the ways to improve it—that’s why I first studied Sports Science, then Physiotherapy, and after that many movement-related programs, including the Z-Health curriculum. I love working with people and helping them to improve their quality of life. In 2019, I opened my own…

Angelika Riess

Z-Health Master Practitioner

Angelika is a Physiotherapist and Neuro Athletic Trainer in Mainz, Germany. She integrates the Z-Health concept into the treatment of pain syndromes, injury rehab, and athletic development concerning patients with musculoskeletal issues, strokes, concussions, or further neurological disorders. With over 20 years of experience, Angelika is qualified in multiple therapeutic methods based on neuroplasticity research…

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