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Z-Health Master Practitioner - Andreas Koenings

Andreas Könings

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Phone: 0171 220505

Since his youth, basketball is Andreas’s favorite sport. Working in the professional basketball league in Germany for several years, Andreas is very familiar with the unique requirements and needs these high-level athletes have.

Since 2013, Andreas has his own company, working as a Personal Trainer and educator. He mainly works with high-level athletes of different sports and special units to improve their performance. Besides that, he works as a teacher for several educational institutes in the fitness and health industry in Germany. Lately he developed a mentorship program, where he individually coaches trainers, physiotherapists and other people having a health care profession. Being a personal coach, Andreas supports trainers to improve within their profession by expanding their professional knowledge.

You can find Andreas at:
Neurozentriertes Coaching

0171 220505


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