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Angelika Riess

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Angelika is a Physiotherapist and Neuro Athletic Trainer in Mainz, Germany. She integrates the Z-Health concept into the treatment of pain syndromes, injury rehab, and athletic development concerning patients with musculoskeletal issues, strokes, concussions, or further neurological disorders.

With over 20 years of experience, Angelika is qualified in multiple therapeutic methods based on neuroplasticity research to help patients control pain and improve motor function and performance.

While supporting her patients’ development and recovery, she always perceives the individual person with great empathy. His or her personal needs, goals, and fears are in focus no matter if they are 18 or 80, an every day life hero, or a professional athlete.

Angelika can be reached at:
Mobil: +491776431684
Email: neuroathletik.riess@gmx.net

Work location:
Ambulantes Reha-und Gesundheitszentrum Mainz-Mombach
Obere Kreuzstrasse 30
55120 Mainz


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