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Dave Degenhardt

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Dave has a unique passion for athleticism, overcoming health barriers, educating about pain & improving the life of each human in front of him whether its family, friend, client or passerby. Being able to boil down complex neurological education into digestible actions to improve your health or your passion for sport is where Dave shines. He loves to walk the walk rather than talk a big game, as he has used his knowledge to overcome his own chronic knee & back pain, plus anxiety & depression. His journey has allowed him to develop immense compassion and patience to help you succeed on your health, fitness & athletic journey.

Dave is a husband, father, dog lover, basketball player, golfer, lover of all sports, world traveler, hip-hop junkie coach (and former project manager). He understands that each person’s identity is completely individual and he crafts the training experience to you. He prides himself on changing your life for the better through tiny, action steps that stack up like Legos to help you build the changes you have always wanted, the same way he did for himself, continues to do daily, and will forever be committed to.

Check out more at www.fenomenalfitness.com or contact Dave directly at dave@fenomenalfitness.com

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