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Z-Health Master Practitioner - Deborah Simmer

Deborah Simmer

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Brain-Body Integration is how I help others improve the way they move, feel, and think in their world. My clients range from elementary school children to senior citizens, presenting issues such as learning disabilities, post-stroke losses, injuries or problems with vision, balance, or movement skills. I love individualized work, as well as the opportunity to teach group classes and deliver customized presentations to various organizations and forums.

My career, academic, and competitive athletic history leads me to this work ~ to convey healing options that are non-invasive, results-oriented, and repeatable. Together, we find the “invisible” lever [neuroscience!] that taps into your natural/neural mechanisms for expanding ability and vitality. The process resembles systems analysis, where the “system” is the whole person, involving wide-ranging inputs and unique processing. My role is to discern the disruptive patterns or parts and design neurology applications to restore you to your best self. My conviction that we can create positive changes in our body’s systems is also a powerful drive to attaining your targeted goals.

In addition to the application and research depth of the Z Health Master Practitioner Program, my prior training includes courses from the Feldenkrais Institute, Laban Institute of Movement Studies, TRX, suspension training, Gyrotonic method and Touch for Health.

Please email me your questions or to set up a time to talk. dsimmer03@gmail.com

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