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Hady Daboul

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner

Hady started his journey in neurocentric training in 2013, when he was guided by Romana Kučerová, a local physiotherapist in Bonn who specialized in neurological rehabilitation. During the last years of Hady’s medical studies, they developed treatment plans and ideas around structured brain-based training for major neurological disorders, with a focus on stroke rehab, Parkinson’s Disease, and migraines.

Soon after, Hady started to work with his own clients, primarily from the sports and fitness field, particularly bouldering and climbing.

After earning his medical degree, Hady decided to go into neuroscience. He began exploring the neuroplastic effects of different neurotransmitters on the brain, but due to the pandemic, his research was put on hold. It was time for a shift.

Currently, Hady and co-founder Marius are working on a digital solution for making neurocentric training accessible. With their company heyvie, they are trying to make a change to the world and help people get rid of preventable pain and disorders.

Contact Information & Website

Hady Daboul
+49 1781751251

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