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Hady Daboul

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners
Hady is a Medical Doctor and worked in brain research on neuroplasticity, the adaptability of the human brain. Right now he is focusing on 1on1 coaching, online or offline, with patients who present themselves with all kinds of pain issues. It is by far his strongest skill.
He started his journey with Z-Health and neurocentric training in 2013. As a grappling athlete with a training volume of 4-5/weeks and additional trainings in other sports injury was soon to come. Luckily his judo trainer and physiotherapist Romana Kučerová was already applying neurocentric training in her day-to-day business and helped Hady with his injuries. The interest was there and he started learning how to leverage the brain to battle pain.
Taking clients followed. Be it recreational athletes, elite athletes or everyday warriors the brain makes no difference in how it operates and so the coaching career of Hady began. He used recent findings in neuroscience daily so he can present his clients up-to-date training protocols. After earning his Medical Degree from the University of Bonn he applied for a job in neuroscience. He researched the effects of different neurotransmitters like serotonine, dopamine and nicotine on the neuroplasticity of the brain. In simple: how do different agents alter the brains capability to change.
The pandemic came and Hady could not continue his work well. Therefore he decided to dive deeper into the world of neurocentric training with the vision to give people access to this kind of training. He founded „HAIVE“. A company with the goal to revolutionize neurocentric training by making it accessible digitally. Right now HAIVE provides trainers with all the tools they need in one app and trainees with exercises in fitness racing and disease like headache and migraine.
The most recent changes made Hady go back to the roots. He is taking 1on1 Coaching clients again, specializing on pain problems. And, for the first time ever, is open to give workshops on what he learned in his 10 years of experience with neurocentric training.

Contact Information & Website

Hady Daboul
+49 1781751251

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