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Luca Grossklaus

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Luca Grossklaus is a sports physiotherapist from Switzerland. His passion for learning about the human body and its movement possibilities has its roots in his time as a young high-level gymnast. This passion, combined with his experiences with injuries and pain, made him a very curious and ambitious student and therapist. Early on in his professional life, he encountered a lot of discrepancies between what he learned in school and continuing education courses and his clients’ and his own experiences in the real world, but the neurocentric education provided by Z-Health was the answer to make his frustration disappear, and it still provides him the motivation for continuous personal and professional growth today.


Luca first specialized in sports injury rehabilitation and prevention while working in a well-known sport clinic in Basel for seven years and becoming the head physio from the Swiss judo national team at the same time. Next, he focused on specializing in the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries while working at the Swiss concussion center in Zürich.


Since 2021, Luca has been working as a self-employed sports physiotherapist and neurocentric coach in Luzern, where he focuses on clients with tricky and persistent movement and pain problems. Alongside this work, he is a lecturer in his co-founded mentorship program for neurocentric training and the president of the Swiss working group for neurocentric training, a network for neurocentric practitioners in Switzerland.


Contact : luca.grossklaus@gmx.ch
Website : sant-neurozentriert.ch

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