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Luca Nussbaumer

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Luca Nussbaumer is the founder of the “neuronuss GmbH,” a neurocentric, holistic and interdisciplinary training approach in rehabilitation and performance.

As a sport scientist, Luca was never really happy and always in search of more precise, more individualized approaches to human health and high-level performance. After working in athletics for more than 10 years, he started studying with Z-Health in 2017 and found its fascination for a neurocentric approach and all of its power in multiple domains.

By working for the association “swiss unihockey” and Swiss Olympic, he brought a holistic and neurocentric approach into play. For the past 3 years, Luca has been leading and educating a team of sport scientists, neuro scientist and sport physios with his own company “neuronuss GmbH.” Next to the Swiss national team in floorball, a TOP 2 floorball club in Switzerland, he is working with high level athletes in hockey, skiing, tennis, handball and soccer. Besides that, Luca takes care of patients pre/post injury, concussion, and visual/vestibular issues. He’s pushing an interdisciplinary approach with different therapists and trainers to find the best solution for everyone’s health and development. Moreover, he is teaching the neurocentric approach in athletics and neurophysiology and created a mentorship education program for coaches, athletic trainers and physiotherapists with his team.

For more information visit www.neuronuss.ch

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