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Roger Yamanaka

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Roger helps business executives, serious golfers, and competitive athletes effectively eliminate pain, spend more time in flow, and feel and perform their very best by optimizing brain health. His physical therapy practice is located in Beverly Hills, California where he works with clients to maximize physical capacity, sharpen cognitive performance, and improve overall health.
As a Titleist Performance Institute Medical, Fitness and Golf Expert, Roger has helped hundreds of golfers quickly reduce their pain, hit the ball longer, and play the best golf they ever thought possible by applying modern neuroscience principles. By incorporating simple user-friendly exercises, he works with golfers targeting specific areas of the brain and nervous system to allow them to automatically and effortlessly generate more power with improved ball control.
Roger has a bachelor’s degree in Physiological Sciences from UCLA and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University. He has taught courses for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Mount Saint Mary’s in Los Angeles, California and served as mentor for many years within the Cedars Sinai Orthopedic Residency Program. As a physical therapist for over twenty-five years, Roger has been obsessed with human optimization and has spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and resources on researching the most time tested and cutting-edge information on how to maximize human performance in the shortest amount of time.

Roger Yamanaka, PT, Z-Health Master Practitioner, TPI Certified Expert
(310) 351-0856
218 N. Canon Drive, Suite D
Beverly Hills, CA 90015

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