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Thomas Stratton

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Tom’s journey into the health and fitness world began nearly 20 years ago. After several sports injuries, many years of chronic pain, and minimal success with traditional rehab, Tom began his relentless pursuit of education, which eventually led him to Z-Health. He currently works in Toronto as a Neuro Performance Coach / Registered Massage Therapist, and he has picked up numerous other certifications along the way.

Tom specializes in working with clients with chronic pain and using applied neuro-science to improve other persistent issues (sleep, digestion, energy, mood regulation, vision, balance, etc.). He also has a passion for sports, dance, and movement arts of all kinds. The best way to develop a lifelong exercise habit is to find activities that you love. Tom’s goal is to help resolve pressing issues, and then make exercise fun.

Thomas Stratton
Email: thomas.w.stratton@gmail.com
Website: www.neuroathletics.ca
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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