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Z-Health Master Practitioner - Tina Nielsen

Tina Nielsen

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Be the best version of YOU!

Tina Nielsen works as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health educator in the health and fitness industry at SportsCenter Denmark, since 2002.

Z-Health, neuroscience and the application in training and coaching has provided her with a unique platform for assisting clients in making sustainable transformations, reducing pain, improving performance and changing body composition.

Tina also knows what it takes to be a top athlete. As a former elite level volleyball player and National certified strength and conditioning coach, she provides athletes with all the training tools to improve vision, balance and movement she would have loved to have known as a competitive volleyball player.

Today Tina applies the neuro-concepts to her own Z-smart Crossfit training – constantly improving, reaching new personal records.

She is enthusiastic and passionate about improving health and physical literacy among the people she trains, coaches and educates. With her training concept MoveBetter, she keeps a keen eye on improving the quality of group fitness training.

You can contact Tina at tinanielsen@movebetter.dk.

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