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Tino Both

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners

Tino Both, residing in Lower Bavaria, Germany, began his journey in the world of health and fitness with a unique blend of engineering logic and passionate curiosity. Originally a mechanical engineering graduate with a master’s in numerical mechanics, Tino transitioned into the realm of holistic health due to personal health challenges. This journey led him to earn a fitness diploma from the OTL Academy, encompassing credentials as an A- and B- licensed fitness trainer, nutritionist, and personal trainer. Furthermore, Tino solidified his expertise as a Health Coach through the Medletics Academy.

What sets Tino apart in the region of Lower Bavaria is his certification as a Z-Health Master Practitioner, being the only one to hold this title in the region (as of October 2023). Tino specializes in neurocentric movement training, combined with functional preventive blood diagnostics. His mission? To improve overall health, optimize performance, and reduce pain for his clients.

Tino’s holistic health approach is deeply rooted in the belief that one must “own their body.” Every consultation is tailored to view the individual as a whole, ensuring that every aspect of health is addressed. Whether you’re seeking preventive measures or solutions to existing health challenges, Tino’s blend of scientific understanding, comprehensive training, and genuine empathy makes him a beacon of holistic health in Lower Bavaria.

website: www.health-coach-tino.de
contact: info@health-coach-tino.de

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