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Yassin Jebrini

Position: Z-Health Master Practitioner
Categories: Z-Health Master Practitioners


Beginning in athletics at age 4, Yassin competed and still plays as a multi-sport athlete for nearly 30 years. From soccer to rowing, surfing, and strength sports, Yassin loves competing and now teaching coaches and athletes to be the very best.

Yassin obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Sports Science from the German Sports University Cologne, one of the most prestigious schools for Athletics Training worldwide.

His advanced education in sports and training, business ownership and private training with clients round out the foundation that Yassin has built and shares with others. He also holds advanced education and certifications in Kettlebells, Functional Training, Programming, Advanced Nutrition, and Neuroscience.

Today, Yassin has combined his education, athletic experience and expertise to build a 6 month mentorship education program for other health and fitness coaches in Germany and other countries.

For more information visit www.jebrini-training.de

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