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Real People = Real Problems

We get it. The struggle is REAL for movement professionals.

Ongoing pain, training plateaus, communication breakdowns, and the relentless race against time can be downright draining when you work with real people.

Stop the Insanity

Different is Possible

If you want a different result, you MUST eventually do things differently. For movement professionals the real game-changer isn’t tweaking training protocols, creating better nutrition plans, or using the newest piece of gear.

It’s about getting to the heart of it all — the brain. That’s where the magic happens for real breakthroughs in pain relief and performance. And that means more education coupled with practical application is the key!

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Education Designed for You

Maximal Learning in
Minimum Time on Your Schedule

  • Elite Education

    Step into a world of unparalleled excellence with Z-Health’s elite certifications. Every course in the curriculum was built over YEARS by Dr. Cobb to provide a life-changing blend of neuroscience, movement science, pain relief, and performance optimization that will revolutionize your work.

  • Practical Brilliance

    Battle-tested tactics and techniques ready for immediate deployment are the ultimate goal of every Z-Health course. Our certifications are laser-focused on creating immediate, tangible results for you and your clients from hour 1.

  • Lifetime Access

    Because we believe that mastery is a lifelong process, every Z-Health certification offers you lifetime access. Learn, improve, revisit, refine, and revolutionize your practice on your terms and on your own schedule.

  • Exclusive Perks

    Enjoy special relationships that add even more value to your journey. Get discounts on training tools and products directly tested and approved by Dr. Cobb.

  • Boost Your Business

    Unlock the potential for exceptional growth by getting listed on our exclusive 'Find a Trainer' page. As your skills grow, watch your client list explode, your influence expand, and your reputation soar to new heights. Become the go-to expert in your field and transform lives with every step of your journey.

  • World-Class Community

    Join a dynamic, world-wide group of driven professionals chasing mastery. Z-Health is filled with forward-thinkers committed to building excellence through bleeding-edge science and unconventional thinking.

Is Z-Health Education for You?

Who Z-Health is For:

  • Healthcare Practitioners

    Use applied neuroscience to create individualized treatment protocols for pain, rehab, and performance.

  • Trainers & Coaches

    Upgrade your business by leveraging cutting-edge brain-based training to deliver life-changing client results.

  • Athletes & Individual Learners

    Better understand the intricate links between brain and body to optimize movement, decrease pain, enhance rehabilitation, and reduce injury risk.

Who Z-Health is Not For:

  • Traditional Providers

    If your work is protocol-based and built on a “we’ve always done it this way” approach, Z-Health courses may push you too far out of your comfort zone.

  • Casual Learners

    Our courses delve deep into applied neuroscience and advanced movement science. If you’re looking for introductory-level information or a few cool “neuro-hacks” we’re probably not a good fit.

Dr. Cobb

Hey there, I’m Dr. Eric Cobb — founder, practitioner, client, and athlete behind Z-Health. Why did I create this program?

Simple: I wanted to design training that would create the kind of pros I’d trust with my own health and my family’s well-being.

Drawing from my own athletic journey and over 28 years of diverse experience – including 1,000+ hours of CEUs, consulting in neuroscience technology, and coaching world-champion athletes and Olympic medalists – our curriculum is more than just academic. It’s personal and it works. Think of me as not just a lecturer but as a guide who believes in hands-on, transformative learning.

Together, we can change the way the world approaches pain, health, fitness, and performance.

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Over 10,000 professionals are changing lives daily using our brain-based training methodology. We hope you'll join them!


Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.

Robert Greene


Introductory Courses

Advanced Courses

  • S-Phase is the fundamental course in developing high-level athleticism & performance for EVERY client you work with, from those with zero experience up to...

  • The high speed, practical assessments and drills in T-Phase are the keys to unlocking the body’s sticking points and long-held neurological threat. T-Phase is...

  • This course is the “why” behind the entire Z-Health system on a neuro-anatomical level. In this certification, you will first take a deep dive...

  • 9S: Strength & Suppleness is a high-level course designed to make you rethink strength and suppleness training from a foundational level. While we use...

  • 9S:Stamina and Spirit begins with a simple idea – sometimes there is not an easy way, sometimes there is only the hard way. In...

  • 9S: Speed begins with a simple question, “How do you make an athlete faster in a way that makes him/her better?” This question begins...

  • Nutrition and sustenance ARE important and everyone wants THE answer, but habits and behavior are typically the more powerful and effective levers to pull....

  • This course is considered by many Z-Health professionals as one the most important courses in the entire curriculum because of its focus on becoming...

  • 9S: The Next Evolution teaches you the ‘other half’ of neurology in a revealing and practically applicable way.  Say Hello to Interoception. This course...



Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a course?

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What are my payment options?

You can purchase all courses online using a credit card through our secure checkout process.

If you are a US Citizen, you can apply for financing with Affirm. If approved, you will get access to the materials right away.

If you would prefer to pay by PayPal or bank transfer please email support@zhealth.net.

Payment plans are available, however, you will not have access to the online course, or be able to attend webinars or workshops until payment is made in full.

How will I access my courses?

Z-Health University is the online learning platform designed to make your ongoing work with the Z-Health curriculum as easy and beneficial as possible. Upon your first purchase from Z-Health, you will be sent an email with instructions to set up your account. 

How do I complete a certification?

Our certification process is available completely online. After you complete a course purchase, you will be granted access to all course materials in your Z-Health University account. Use your course videos and materials to assist you as you watch through the course. After you complete the course, the exam will be available to complete.

Can I get CEU's for attending your courses?

The Essentials of Elite Performance course is pre-approved for continuing education credits, and you can find the updated list and credit amounts here https://zhealtheducation.com/product/essentials-of-elite-performance/

The Essentials course and all other courses can be submitted to your certifying organization to petition for credits. We have had many trainers successfully petition their organization for credits. If you need any additional materials from us for the process after you have contacted your organization please reach out to support@zhealth.net.

Do you offer a military/LEO discount/First Responder discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for all courses to military families and first responders. Please contact info@zhealth.net to register for a course with this discount.

Do you offer refunds?

If you're not blown away within 7 days claim your zero regrets, no-drama money-back guarantee by emailing support@zhealth.net

Do I have to complete the courses in a certain timeframe?

The courses are self-paced, so you can move through the material at your own pace. Included with your purchase is the option to attend webinars, and we have options to join the webinars throughout the year.

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