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Z-Health is an integrated curriculum designed for rising, top 1% professionals who want to successfully blend the functional neurology of pain relief and performance enhancement into their work. This means that we believe that every class in the curriculum is equally important, eventually, to the understanding of how the human body & brain work together to create athleticism, performance, and pain relief. However, if you are anything like us, you want to take the most efficient path possible.

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Our course material is available, in full, online. Each course purchase includes a live intensive workshop offered at locations around the world. When you register and pay in full for a course you will be given immediate LIFETIME access to the entire course online – including pre-study materials, full course videos from prior live events, video downloads, articles, PDF materials and more! You can begin studying the material anywhere you have internet access.

Traditionally, we have required students to attend a live training (included in the price of the course) in order to obtain our certification. In 2020, we made all certifications available 100% online.

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Course Tracks

Based on feedback from thousands of practitioners around the world, the course tracks illustrated below are what we recommend for professionals in different industries to most quickly and successfully implement the Z-Health material in their work.

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Healthcare Practitioners

A strong foundation of neuro-integration principles

Practitioners Course Track

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Trainers & Coaches

Training the neurology of athleticism, speed, and power generation

Trainers & Coaches Course Track

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Athletes & Individual Learners

Pain relief and performance enhancement for yourself

Athletes & Individuals Course Track

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Course Calendar

For our Essentials, R, I, S, T, and 9S courses, we offer an intensive on-site workshop in addition to the online materials at no additional charge. You may choose to select a date to attend when you purchase the course – or select your on-site workshop date later. Due to COVID-19, our in person courses have been moved to an online format as listed below. If you register for a webinar or live stream course, you will be able to select a live training in the future at no additional cost.




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    Essentials of Elite Performance Course

    Designed as an introduction into the neurocentric approach to rehabilitation, pain relief and performance enhancement, the Essentials of Elite Performance (EEP) course offers a practical, hands-on, personal experience for participants. It is intended to offer a broad overview of many vital academic and practical concepts and principles that you will use every day with your clients or for your own training.

    Includes a Free Webinar
    After you complete your purchase of Essentials of Elite Performance, you will receive an invitation to sign up for one of the webinars in 2021. Webinar attendance is not required, but it is encouraged.

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    R-Phase Professional Certification

    Designed to provide the best entry point and transition from where you are to a neurocentric approach to your work, and look at pain and performance through a neural lens, it will immediately change your practice and training!

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    I-Phase Professional Certification

    Once you understand the information in I-Phase, there is no going back! Neurology and brain-first thinking will be your lens for the world and your work. I-Phase adds essential layers of neurology to the fundamentals you explored in R-Phase, with a heavy focus on how the eyes and inner-ear impact movement.

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    9S: Strength & Suppleness Course

    9S:Strength & Suppleness is a high-level course designed to make you rethink strength and suppleness training from a foundational level. While we use these forms of training to change the periphery of the body, every rep of every exercise is ultimately based on brain function.

  • sustenance and spirit icon
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    9S: Sustenance & Spirit Course

    Nutrition and sustenance ARE important and everyone wants THE answer, but habits and behavior are typically the more powerful and effective levers to pull.  In 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, you’ll learn why this is and how to do it well.

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    9S: Speed Course

    9S: Speed begins with a simple question, “How do you make an athlete faster in a way that makes him/her better?” This question begins our exploration of the fundamental neurology of the Z-Health approach to speed in the overall context of athletic development.

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    9S: Skill & Style Course

    This course is considered by many Z-Health professionals as one the most important courses in the entire curriculum because of its focus on becoming a more efficient coach through the discussion and practice of high-speed motor learning principles.

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    9S: Stamina

    9S:Stamina and Spirit begins with a simple idea – sometimes there is not an easy way, sometimes there is only the hard way. In this course you will explore the relationship of these mechanisms to managing fatigue, pain, and enhancing stamina via a neurocentric approach.

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    9S: Structure Course

    This course is the “why” behind the entire Z-Health system on a neuro-anatomical level. In this certification you will first take a deep dive into the anatomy and physiology of the brain, brainstem, cerebellum and peripheral nervous system with the goal of understanding how to PRACTICALLY APPLY this information.

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    9S: The Next Evolution Course

    9S: The Next Evolution teaches you the ‘other half’ of neurology in a revealing and practically applicable way.  Say Hello to Interoception. This course is dedicated to the neuroanatomy, assessments, and training exercises focused on the human interoceptive system.

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    S-Phase Professional Certification

    S-Phase is the fundamental course in developing high-level athleticism & performance for EVERY client you work with, from those with zero experience up to international-level professional athletes. Most people were never taught to see, balance or move like an elite athlete.

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    T-Phase Professional Certification

    The high speed, practical assessments and drills in T-Phase are the keys to unlocking the body’s sticking points and long-held neurological threat. T-Phase is the most diverse course of our core curriculum, and will address many systems from a neurological perspective.

Frequently asked questions

You can purchase all courses online using a credit card through our secure checkout process. If you would prefer to pay by PayPal or bank transfer please email [email protected].

Payment plans are available, but be aware that you will not have access to the online course, or be able to attend our live workshops, until payment is made in full.

Z-Health University is the online learning platform designed to make your ongoing work with the Z-Health curriculum as easy and beneficial as possible. Upon your first purchase from Z-Health, you will be sent an email with instructions to set up your account. 

The Essentials of Elite Performance course is pre-approved for continuing education credits by the following organizations:
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association: 2 CEU
  • National Academy of Sport Medicine: 1.90 CEU
  • Athletics and Fitness Association: 15 CEU
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness: 7 CEU
In addition to these organizations, the Essentials course and all other courses can be submitted to your certifying organization to petition for credits. We have had many trainers successfully petition their organization for credits. If you need any additional materials from us for the process after you have contacted your organization please reach out to [email protected].

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for all courses to military families and first responders. Please contact [email protected] to register for a course with this discount.

Once a course has been purchased and digital access has been granted, we do not offer refunds or transfers. The intellectual property within the online materials is not able to be returned.

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