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9S: Sustenance & Spirit Course


Nutrition and sustenance ARE important and everyone wants THE answer, but habits and behavior are typically the more powerful and effective levers to pull.  In 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, you’ll learn why this is and how to do it well.


What You'll Learn

Nutrition and supplementation through a neural lens.

Why “nutritional problems” are really behavior change problems.

Key conversational and coaching skills to promote compliance and new habit formation.

Simple, convenient self-assessment processes and tools that your clients can use to be their own “food scientist.”

Personalization, based on neurology, of both diet and behavior change skills.

Critical neural assessments for improving dietary change results.

Course Details

Nutrition and sustenance ARE important and everyone wants THE answer, but habits and behavior are typically the more powerful and effective levers to pull.  In 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, you’ll learn why this is and how to do it well.

The 9S:Sustenance and Spirit course is the nutritional component course of the Z-Health curriculum, however, rather than being solely focused on food and how it impacts on brain function, this course is FAR MORE far more focused on the opposite – how brain function influences when, what, and how we eat.

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Once your payment is complete for 9S: Sustenance, you will get access to the course materials, including:

  • Over 24 hour of video instruction
  • Course manual
  • Course PowerPoint
  • Ready to use assessments sheets
  • A full recording of an archived course
  • Research archive
  • Regularly updated course material

Additional Registration Benefits include:

  • Unleashing Your Master Motivator – Session by Session Layout.  This fully built program is designed to take your clients through behavior and habit change exercises.

NOTE: R-Phase and I-Phase are required before purchasing this course.

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