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HEADACHE: The Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide

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Headache: The Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide is a comprehensive, science-backed program designed to help you navigate the headache landscape with confidence. If you are brand new to the Z-Health world, we recommend beginning your journey with Essentials of Elite Performance first to get the most out of this training.


Exclusive Video Series (3.5+ hours) – Experience world-class brain-based solutions: $849
BBPG Headaches Drills Comprehensive Guide (30 pages) – Dive deep into strategies and insights: $99
Quick Reference Guide – Navigate your journey with ease: $19
Power-Packed Presentation (100 slides) – Loaded with actionable information: $199
Initial Headache Intake Questionnaire – Your first step to personalized relief: $59
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Revolutionize Your Approach to Headache with Our Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide!

Are you or your clients struggling with persistent headaches that disrupt, well, everything? If so, you’re not alone. The truth is that headache management can be hard and complex. A simple look at the number of drugs widely available for headache (currently 89) should make you realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to headache management and that there is a vast pool of people suffering who need your help.
What would a life free from the constant burden of headaches look like for you? What would it look like for your clients?  More energy, enhanced focus, improved work performance, and less-strained relationships are just the beginning. 
We’ve seen lives and businesses radically transform when a workable headache solution was found. We’ve built this program because we want you to become the go-to expert in your community by offering life-changing results.
Introducing HEADACHE: The Brain-Based Practitioner’s Guide – a comprehensive, science-backed program designed to help you navigate the headache landscape with confidence. The knowledge, assessments, and training approaches you will learn will provide long-term relief for your clients.

This course includes: 
  • An in-depth exploration of a brain-based approach to both the causes and solutions for headaches
  • Critical assessments and training approaches for both immediate and lasting relief
  • Step-by-step guidance on implementation
  • Easy to access training videos and materials
With over 21 years of experience in brain-based health coaching and education to over 11,000 practitioners worldwide, Z-Health is considered by many as the leading authority in cutting-edge brain-based training. The Z-Health approach is used worldwide for clients ranging from severe chronic pain clients to world champion athletes and Olympic gold medalists.
This brain-based practitioner’s guide is a deep dive into the intricacies of headache management as a movement professional. It provides detailed explanations, research-backed assessments, hundreds of targeted exercise approaches, and actionable implementation steps for practitioners.

Filmed in our Las Vegas studio, the program is led by Dr. Eric Cobb, the founder of Z-Health and Michael Golden, our Director of Education. Over 8 hours of training videos seamlessly mix critical lecture topics, assessment strategies, and exercise demonstrations that will quickly and clearly enhance your understanding and application.
Plus, you also have instant downloadable access to:
  • Course PowerPoint 
  • Extensive Reference Guide
  • Headache Intake Forms
  • Video Quick Start Reference Guide
  • Essential Links 
  • And, more

Who It’s For

This guide is perfect for both movement professionals and healthcare practitioners. Z-Health students include a wide array of doctors, physical therapists, manual therapists, athletic coaches, and trainers. While each background offers a unique perspective, anyone looking to expand their knowledge and effectiveness in working with headache can benefit.

Who It’s Not For

If you are not committed to studying and implements new approaches and are looking for a “headache hack” this guide may not be for you. As we’ve said, headache is a complex topic and building expertise requires some effort.

If you are ready to revolutionize your approach to headache and become a sought-after expert in your field, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Click below to get started and transform lives today.

Introduction & Headache Classification

  • Course Roadmap 
  • Headache Defined
  • Headache Statistics
  • Categorizing Headaches
  • Primary and Secondary Headaches
  • Migraine Headache
  • Tension-Type Headache
  • Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias
  • Headache Questionnaires
  • The Z-Health HA Perspective
  • Red Flags

Pain Neurobiology in Headache Disorders

  • Pain Defined - IASP
  • Pain Neuroscience Foundations
  • Nociception Basics
  • Qualitatively Altered Nociception
  • Central Sensitization
  • Referred Pain

Key Anatomical Structures Overview

  • Trigeminal Nerve
  • Greater Occipital Nerve
  • The Meninges

Training Strategies:

  • The Classics
  • Sleep
  • Correlations with Food
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Reduce Stress

Trigeminal Nerve Anatomy Deep Dive

  • Trigeminal Nerve Divisions 
  • Trigeminal Nerve Nuclei 
  • Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus 
  • Trigeminal Stimulation

Training Strategies: Trigeminal Nerve

  • Trigeminal Exercise List
  • Tongue to the Spot
  • Intraoral Vibration
  • Periorbital Region and the STN
  • Eye Massage & Periorbital Vibration

Training Strategies: GON & Upper Cervical

  • GON Anatomy
  • The Upper Cervical Spine & HA
  • Suboccipital Muscles
  • UC Spine Exercise Overview
  • Upper Cervical Vibration
  • Sliding Nods
  • Posterior Scalp Dermal Work
  • Neuromechanics – Accessory Nerve
  • Suboccipital ACMs

Meninges & Vagus Anatomy Deep Dive

  • The Meninges in Headache
  • Middle Meningeal Artery
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Headache
  • Vagal Stimulation Options

Training Strategies: Meninges & Vagus

  • Vagal Stimulation Exercise List
  • tAVNS – Electrical & Vibration
  • Gargling/Humming
  • Exhalation-Based Breathing
  • Vagus Nerve Neuromechanic

Training Strategies: Vestibular System

  • Why Include the Vestibular System
  • Vestibular & Trigeminal Convergence
  • Vestibular Nuclei in Headache
  • Vestibular Exercises in Headache

Training Strategies: Visual System

  • The Visual System in Headache
  • Common Visual Problems in Headache
  • Vision Training Exercises
  • Pencil Pushup Variations
  • Barrel Card

Strategic Summary & The HA Team Approach

  • Key Anatomical Structures
  • Training Strategies Summary
  • Tracking Progress
  • The Headache Team


  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all the course materials and future updates.
  • Q&A Call Recordings


Is this guide suitable for all types of headaches?

Yes and no. Our guide covers a wide range of headache types encountered in day-to-day work environments and provides tailored approaches for each type. However, if you are looking for specific approaches for rare presentations, while it is likely this material will be valuable, we cannot promise that every headache driver is covered.

How long will it take to see results?

Many practitioners report noticeable improvements in their clients within just a few days to weeks of implementing this approach.

Do I need any special prior knowledge?

No, but it does help! If you are already familiar with the basics of our brain-based approach, you will be able to get far more out of this program. However, the guide is designed for practitioners of all levels. 

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