The Balance Gym

Most complete set of brain-body exercises available for dramatically improving your balance!



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The Balance Gym online training program is the most complete set of brain-body exercises available for dramatically improving your balance and movement quickly and effectively. As devoted neuroscience geeks AND athletes, we’ve weeded through thousands of pages of research, combined that with real-world training experiences with tens of thousands of clients and athletes worldwide, and boiled it all down into this simple follow-along program. The Balance Gym is a vital piece of the total-body pain relief and performance training system known around the world as Z-Health™.

Program Benefits

  • Vastly Improved Muscle Tone, Movement Skill and Posture
  • Decreased Daily Muscle Tension and Improved Resistance to Stress
  • Major Improvements in Strength, Speed, & Mobility/Flexibility.
  • Breakthroughs in Sports Performance
  • Significant Decreases or Total Elimination of Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Improved Visual Skills and Decreased Eye Strain
  • Massive Improvements in Daily Energy with Decreased Fatigue

Program Highlights

  • Instructional video – 50 minutes
  • Follow-along video – 25 minutes
    • Covers 12 Skills
    • Includes rep counter
  • Manual (PDF), Full color, 54 pages
  • Assessment and tracking charts
  • Options for progression and regression
  • Includes 10 week training program
  • Download Instructional and Follow Along videos!
  • Fully accessible online, anytime, for life!

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