The Breathing Gym

Designed to teach you how to build your own personal breathing program for pain-relief, improved movement, optimal performance and a better brain.



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Everyone seems to know that breathing exercises are “good for you.” But we rarely hear that they must be PERSONALIZED to be most effective. As leaders in brain-based training, we’ve combined current neuroscience concepts with our experience training thousands of health and wellness professionals to create our newest training program: The Breathing Gym, online training program. It was specifically designed to teach you how to build your own personal breathing program for pain-relief, improved movement, optimal performance and a better brain.

  • Breathing & The Nervous System
  • Critical Breathing Anatomy and Neurology Concepts
  • Breathing Exercises for Pain Relief
  • Breathing Exercises for Movement and Performance
  • Breathing Exercises for Targeted Brain Stimulation
  • Breathing Tools & Equipment Recommendations


  • The history of breathing and why it should be a part of your training system
  • Techniques and self-assessments
  • Air hunger and breath hold drills
  • Rhythmic breathing for stress reduction and pain relief
  • Breathing for a healthy brain

What you get:

  • Brand-new course videos, created in 2020
  • A total training routine for optimum results!
  • Complete full-color course manual PDF for download
  • Every purchase comes with exclusive discounts on breathing products recommended by Dr. Cobb!
  • Equipment demonstrations
  • All videos may also be downloaded

Product Length: 2 hours

Better breathing equals better health, less stress, better physical and mental performance, improved digestion and less pain!

Reviews of the Breathing Gym:

WOW. THANK YOU for releasing the Breathing Gym! In 2 hours, I was able to resolve my problems that I have had for the last several YEARS. I tried all the other Gyms programs as well as the Youtube videos but did not find permanent solutions until the Breathing Gym. Well worth the money.

-Thai (August 24, 2020)

Thank you for access to the new Breathing course! it’s so well done ~ from studio setting, to visuals, content development and delivery, follow-along assessments and exercises+++ It quickly becomes compelling to watch/listen/do, and experience the benefits. I appreciate and admire the deep well of resources you provide for the Master Practitioner Program and your dedication to excellence, relevance and accessibility.

-Debbie S., Z-Health Master Practitioner

The Breathing Gym has taken my knowledge base of the body as it relates to the golf swing, to unprecedented levels.  I am a Golf Fitness Instructor that specializes in training mature golfers.  The Breathing Gym has a loud me to quickly affect a clients swing mechanics for the better, by just applying the knowledge of conscious breathing exercises that are based on science, to every session.  Thank you Doc. and the ZHealth community for producing such outstanding products.

-Cliff P., C.G.F.I.

I suffer from Pulmonary Fibrosis and breathing is becoming more and more difficult. After one week with the Breathing Gym exercises my breathing has improved and I have more energy. Thank you.

-Anonymous (September 23, 2020)

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