The Strength Gym

Reeducate your brain and body to become an elegant mover for the rest of your life through specific mobility exercises.



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The Strength Gym online training program is a regimen of precise loaded motor control exercises designed to re-educate your brain and body and help you become an elegant mover for the rest of your life.  This program has been inspired by over two decades of research into the neural control of strength, stability, speed, power, and athleticism, and many users and coaches have reported results from it that are nothing short of miraculous.The Strength Gym is a vital piece of the total-body pain relief and performance training system known around the world as Z-Health™.

Sensory Warm-Up Sample

Program Outline and Highlights:

  • Introduction and Background
  • Sensory Warm up
  • Instructional section for the lower body and upper body exercises (over one hour)
  • Guided follow along section for the lower and upper body (about an hour)
  • Follow along training section for the lower and upper body
  • Assessment, tracking and training basics
  • Manual with additional background and information
  • 6 week training program for 2x and 3x per week
  • Focus on individual exercises, or use the full follow-along program
  • Over 3 hours of video
  • Download the videos and manuals for offline use!

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