The Vision Gym

A collection of the very best brain-body exercises available for improving your vision!



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Vision training is one of the most important and yet neglected areas of health and fitness!

The Vision Gym online training program is a collection of the very best brain-body exercises available for improving your vision. We’ve weeded through thousands of pages of research, combined that with real-world training experiences with tens of thousands of clients and athletes worldwide, and then boiled it all down into this simple follow-along program that can literally change your life by changing how you see. The Vision Gym is a small but vital piece of the total-body pain relief and performance training system known around the world as Z-Health™.

The Impact of Poor Visual Skills
When most people think about their eyes, they ONLY consider their ability to see objects or write clearly. And, generally speaking, that’s a good thing because the number one task for your eyes is to give you a great picture of the world. We all want to see that beautiful sunset or our kids’ smile, or simply to be able to read the menu in the restaurant without needing longer arms! However, the impact of vision goes FAR BEYOND how clearly you see. It influences how you stand, how you move, how much pain you experience, your athletic performance, and in some cases how much frustration or anxiety you feel day-to-day. The fact is that your vision impacts every aspect of your life, and IMPROVING IT can create massive shifts for you in areas of your life that may seem far removed from just “seeing better.”

You can make changes to your vision in literally just a few minutes of work each day. You don’t have to go to a gym, buy expensive equipment, or even leave your house or workplace to get this done. All that you have to do is watch the video, follow along with the exercises, and reap the benefits.

Program Highlights

  • Manual (PDF), Full Color, 54 pages
    • Drill List
    • Instructions
  • Vision Charts
    • Assessment charts
    • Tracking Charts
    • Multiple charts for exercises, increasing in complexity
  • 1 hour instructional video (examples, demos and concepts)
  • 20 minute follow-along program. Includes instructions as well as rep count and timer.
  • Covers 12 vision skills plus visual reset drills
  • 10-week training program outlined

> Learn more about your vision system by checking out our blog!

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