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Tuesday April 25th at 10am PST

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Tuesday April 25th at 10am PST

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Fundamentals of applied functional pain and performance neurology that you will use in every client session for the rest of your career.

Neurocentric assessments for laser-focused client programming.

Sensorimotor integration principles for high-speed pain and performance changes.

How to transition clients and your business from a biomechanical model to a neurocentric model.

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Better Results Begin in the Brain

Learn Cutting-Edge Brain-Based Strategies For Your Clients Most Common Challenges:

This Webinar will cover content from our Essentials of Elite Performance Course. Here is a look at what is covered in that course.

  • Neurology Fundamentals

  • Key Neurological Pathways in Pain and Performance

  • Pain Neurobiology

  • Vision Training

  • Sensory Mismatch

  • Vestibular Assessments & Exercises

  • Vital Motor Control Exercises

  • Athletic Movement Fundamentals

  • Monday Morning Protocol


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