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Eva Scott Master Practitioner

Eva Scott

Должность: Мастер-практик Z-Health
Электронная почта: evascott@evasfitness.com

Before becoming a Master Practitioner at Z-Health, Eva studied at the Sports University of Cologne and received a degree in Exercise Physiology. She pursued her passion for teaching fitness and began training clients upon graduation, both individually and in groups. She founded Eva’s Fitness in 2002, attending to her clients while participating in exercise science seminars worldwide. Now, she works in Silicon Valley, California, offering individualized training programs at her studio as well as at client homes and via online video sessions.

Offering more than just conventional training, Eva helps her clients reduce pain, rapidly improve movement quality, and reach their fitness goals by implementing a brain-based approach to performance and wellness. She trains with the philosophy that assessment and reassessment are the only way to respond to the body’s needs.

Eva specializes in:

Strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity
Weight loss
Pain reduction
Slowing brain aging
Contact Eva at evascott@evasfitness.com and find out more at evasfitness.com


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