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Jessica Raaum Foster Master Practitioner

Jessica Raaum Foster

Должность: Мастер-практик Z-Health

Jessica Raaum Foster:

  • Award-winning singer/actress
  • Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Мастер-практик Z-Health

As a Neuro Performance Coach, Jessica harnesses the power of the nervous system to help her clients overcome obstacles and achieve their performance goals, whether that be moving without pain or belting the high notes from center stage.

Her course, “The Neurology of Presence” is designed for performers and presenters to help increase their “Vibrancy Factor,” a subjective, yet universally understood assessment of how much of a person’s essence, personality, and creativity is coming through in their work. Human beings are drawn to people that appear to be worthy of trust and respect. By uncovering and retraining individual neurological deficits, performers can increase their trust in their own instrument, improve their self-respect, and thereby increase their impact on the audience.

Jessica also teaches “How to Have a Body,” a course designed to introduce the fundamentals of brain-based training for optimal life experience.


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