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S-Phase Preview

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Congratulations on completing R-Phase and I-Phase, which are the first steps in the Z-Health Curriculum!

Please enjoy this opening lecture from the S-Phase Certification. To help you continue with the curriculum, S-Phase and the S&T Package are on sale until August 18th!

S-Phase Lesson Topic Preview

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

1.1 Introduction & S-Phase Rationale
1.2 Categories of Vision
1.3 Peripheral Awareness, Accommodation & Vergence
1.4 Convergence & Midline Stability
1.5 Position Specific Motor Control
1.6 Visual Acuity: Loading Strategies
1.7 Athletic Movement Basics
1.8 Visual Tracking: Letterball Catching
2.1 Additional Loading and Learning Strategies
2.2 Visual Suppression
2.3 Linear Speed I
2.4 Athletic Development and Practice Models
2.5 Practice Models, Motor Learning, and Intro to Phorias
2.6 Vestibular Training: The Infinity Walk
2.7 Athletic Transitional Movements
2.8 Ground Based Transitional Movements
3.1 Rhythm: The 5th Element of Efficiency
3.2 Linear Speed II
3.3 Saccades: Cortical and Cerebellar Control
3.4 Plyometrics
3.5 Eye Dominance, Sequencing, Coordination, and Additional Sports Vision Drills
3.6 Peg Board, Side Flow, Plyometric Step, & Combination Drills
3.7 Athletic Training Template & Progressions
3.8 Vision Training

S-Phase Resource Video Library


  • The S-Phase Video Resource Library comes with detailed videos that are easy to follow
  • Easy to access drills videos to help you practice the drills and assessments from the course 
  • Drills for the Visual/Vestibular system, Transitional movements, Linear Speed, and Ground flow 
Z-Health Language Support

Switch Languages

S-Phase is available in 5 languages.
On each page in Z-Heath University, you can seamlessly switch between languages.
This will update all menus, headings, titles, and general text.

  • All translated course videos include a combination of voiceover and subtitles.

  • Translated courses come with PowerPoints in five different languages, along with subtitles for the full resource video library.

  • We've added a translation plugin to Z-Health University site to translate general text and exams.

  • The materials are already in ZU, so you can begin viewing them right away!

Offer ends August 18, 2023

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