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Discover your body's potential with T-Phase, our most comprehensive course addressing multiple systems from a neurological perspective. Through high-speed, practical assessments and drills, you'll break through sticking points and resolve long-held neurological threats.

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T-Phase Professional Certification

Unlocking Body's Limits with High-Speed Drills

  • Simple, neuroscience-driven, hands-on approaches for dealing with the skin and fascial layers of the body.

  • The tremendous impact of scars and tattoos on movement and pain.

  • How the visceral system often creates “somatic pain” and what to do about it.

  • 32 active, neural-mobility drills for immediate changes in sensation, motor control, pain, and strength.

  • Common history findings, assessments, and training drills for 3 critical components of respiration: respiratory habits, biomechanics and biochemistry.

  • Practical lymphatic techniques that you can begin using immediately for your clients with edema and nutritional issues.

  • Cranial system evaluations and the neurology that explains why cranial work can be so powerful.

  • Simplified, neurology-based approaches to passive tools like proprioceptive taping and occlusive wraps.

T-Phase Professional Certification

Master Your Body: T-Phase Neurological Systems Training

T-Phase is the most diverse course of our core curriculum, and will address many systems from a neurological perspective: somatic, visceral, lymphatic, autonomic, sympathetic/parasympathetic, respiratory, peripheral nerves, scars, fascia, and more.

  • Detailed Muscle Test Flow
  • 16 Neuromechanic
  • Drills, including tensioning and slacking sequences
  • Respiration Drills
    Cranial Mobility
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