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Specifically targeted toward training the neurology of athleticism, speed, and power generation, these courses – suggested to be taken in the order below – will give coaches and personal trainers the neurological tools and assessments to greatly improve performance and compliance in their athletes.

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    9S: Strength & Suppleness Course


    9S:Strength & Suppleness is a high-level course designed to make you rethink strength and suppleness training from a foundational level. While we use these forms of training to change the periphery of the body, every rep of every exercise is ultimately based on brain function.


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    9S: Sustenance & Spirit Course


    Nutrition and sustenance ARE important and everyone wants THE answer, but habits and behavior are typically the more powerful and effective levers to pull.  In 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, you’ll learn why this is and how to do it well.


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    9S: Speed Course


    9S: Speed begins with a simple question, “How do you make an athlete faster in a way that makes him/her better?” This question begins our exploration of the fundamental neurology of the Z-Health approach to speed in the overall context of athletic development.



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    9S: Skill & Style Course


    This course is considered by many Z-Health professionals as one the most important courses in the entire curriculum because of its focus on becoming a more efficient coach through the discussion and practice of high-speed motor learning principles.

Course Calendar

For our Essentials, R, I, S, T, and 9S courses, we offer an intensive on-site workshop in addition to the online materials at no additional charge. You may choose to select a date to attend when you purchase the course – or select your on-site workshop date later. Due to COVID-19, our in person courses have been moved to an online format as listed below. If you register for a webinar or live stream course, you will be able to select a live training in the future at no additional cost.

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