9S - Strength & Suppleness

Strength & Suppleness is a 4-day, 32-hour course.

At this course you will learn:

Day 1 Learn the direct interconnections between being strong and pain free

Day 2 Learn how to achieve amazing hypertrophy using a powerful, low-intensity exercise protocol

Day 3 You will receive a sensory, integration-based assessment and the surprising secret to knowing when enough is enough

Day 4 You will gain a deep understanding of the strength-suppleness continuum and the tools to further enhance performance based on this understanding

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Upcoming 9S: Strength & Suppleness Courses

Phoenix, AZ

Dates: October 10-13, 2019
Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain
10831 S 51st St
Phoenix, AZ 85044

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Sneak Peek Into What You Will Learn

  • Fast twitch, slow twitch. Muscle fiber types don't play as important of a role in strength development as you might think.

  • The greater the load, the greater the learning. To force a change you must provide the right amount of stress.

  • Being supple is more about ligaments than it is about muscles. Strong ligaments mean a flexible and supple body.

  • You can't have one without the other. Strength requires suppleness and suppleness requires strength. Training them synergistically is key to optimal performance.

  • How to achieve hypertrophy using low reps and low intensity exercises. The days of high volume training so your clients can have biceps that would make Arnold jealous are a thing of the past.

  • Being freakishly strong and lightning quick are not mutually exclusive.

  • Don't need to have a ton of weights or weightlifting equipment. This isn't about teaching form.

  • Strength at end range of motion prevents injuries and lets you and your clients get up out of awkward positions.

  • The surprising secret to knowing when enough is enough: sensory integration-based assessments. "Stop before you hit the point of failure" has just become a whole lot more precise.

  • How is it that your client who hasn't exercised in a week can be overtrained? Not only is it possible, but it's likely in our 24x7 culture. Learn to identify overtraining in your clients.

  • Hard strength-training sessions that won't give your clients that day-two "I overdid it" feeling. It's time to learn the recovery secrets elite athletes use.

Trainer Stories

"Told to 'just quit running,' I found Z-Health - just in time."- Cyle Eldred