S-Phase is a 4-day, 32-hour course.

At this course you will learn:

Day 1 One often-overlooked aspect of training that can reduce sports-related injuries by up to 90%

Day 2 The single neurology concept that will cause you to re-evaluate everything you know about client programming

Day 3 Visualization techniques to accelerate results

Day 4 The 9 elements of sports vision training that, when neglected, put the "brakes" on performance

Get Started with the investment of $2,495 - $2,995

Find a S-Phase Course Near You

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: May 16-19, 2019
Venue: Grondal Multicenter
Hvidkildevej 64
2400 Copenhagen NW

Phoenix, AZ

Dates: May 30-June 2, 2019
Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain
10831 South 51st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Phoenix, AZ

Dates: Sept 26-29, 2019
Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain
10831 South 51st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044

* After registration you will be sent your pre-study DVD & Manual

* Since the information in our courses is updated every year, registration gets you lifetime access to come back to this course

Sneak Peek Into What You Will Learn

  • The pillars of athletic development: intermediate and advanced vision, balance, & movement

  • Assessments to create athletic vision: eye dominance, phoria, suppression, focusing, tracking, and peripheral field testing

  • Vision training drills for every athlete and client: near/far focusing, convergence/divergence, eye tracking, saccades, sequencing, and hand/eye coordination

  • Key points and common errors of the power and speed focused athletic stances - the foundations of athletic  movement

  • Athletic transitions - how to start, stop, and change directions at an elite level

  • Linear speed mechanics and technique - teaching sprinting for athleticism and health

  • A new neurological approach to plyometrics and eccentric loading for power

  • Visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive combination drills for sports and athletic development

  • Rethinking your client programming for neurological training sessions that create awesome results

  • A neurological understanding of deep and deliberate practice, leading to long-term athletic development

  • Why the "10,000 Hour Rule" doesn't have to take so long and how to shortcut the process with your clients

Trainer Stories

"In my 20 years of training, I have never encountered anything that literally changes lives as much as Z-Health"- Nathan Baxter