T-Phase is a 4-day, 32-hour course.

At this course you will learn:

Day 1 Learn which cranial suture directly impacts core strength, and how to mobilize it for instant results

Day 2 Learn myofascial exercises that will free your fascia and release the brakes on your performance

Day 3 Scars and burns even those decades old can send signals that hinder performance. Learn to instantly identify the injuries that degrade your performance, and how to change the signal

Day 4 While we would quickly die without oxygen, it's not oxygen that drives respiration. Learn the 6 respiration tests necessary to make sure you are breathing optimally

Get Started with the investment of $2,895 - $3,395

Find a T-Phase Course Near You

Phoenix, AZ

Dates: October 17-20, 2019
Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain
10831 S 51st St
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Malmo, Sweden

Dates: November 14-17, 2019
Venue: STUDIO Meetingpoint
Nordenskioldsgatan 24
211 19 Malmo, Sweden

* After registration you will be sent your pre-study DVD & Manual

* Since the information in our courses is updated every year, registration gets you lifetime access to come back to this course

Sneak Peek Into What You Will Learn

  • New strategies and lightning-fast assessments for client therapy and neurological movement rehab

  • The Z-Health pain relief strategic map - somatic, visceral and neurological pain from a brain perspective

  • Respiration assessments and drills for performance and pain relief

  • Primary drills for lymphatic congestion and fluid movement in the human body

  • Active cranial mobilization drills for creating full-body coordination and integration

  • A 60-step Muscle Test Flow to make your biomechanical assessments faster and more accurate

  • Skin and fascial layer palpation and mobilization - how to engage and change these tissue layers quickly, without the pain of foam rolling

  • Dealing with scar tissue - assessment, mobilization, and drills to create neurological change in compensated areas of the body

  • Muscle activation and inhibition through Motor Points - directly accessing the nervous system

  • Neuromechanic drills and mobilization of the nervous system tissue - new ways to create neuroplastic change

Trainer Stories

"I believe in Z-Health because it made my pain disappear."- Kristen Nolan