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3 Pillars of Fitness: See well, Balance well, and Move well.

The Vision Gym

The Vision Gym is the first set of exercises that are engineered to reset your aging, and deliver exceptional performance improvements. These are the same exercises that Z-Health has personally used with professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, PGA, FIFA, Boxing, Triathlon and X-Games. I personally believe this is the first of the three neuro-based performance systems everyone should focus on.

When you recalibrate your vision... You start to remove chronic pain, prevent injuries and activate more energy in your life almost immediately. The best part is -- these are exercises you can do at home in 10-20 minutes immediately after watching the video. You don't need any special gym equipment. In fact, these exercises are simple and easy to perform anywhere. In as little as four to eight weeks you'll start to see results and may find that you're moving faster, reacting more quickly, and seeing better as your chronic pain begins to fade away!

Here is what you'll discover in this training course:

  • How to "warm-up" your eyes for vision training using three fingertips
  • A blinking routine that jolts and "resets" your vision system
  • Eye Isometrics, Circles & Spirals -- training that improves visual accuracy
  • Unique versions of eye exercises like Pencil Push-Ups, Near-Far drills, the Big "H", Convergence, Divergence and the Peripheral Awareness Walk
  • Multiple assessment charts are included so you can track your progress over time and clearly "see" your improvements

Digital Edition $77
Physical Edition $97

The Balance Gym

‚ÄčThe Balance Gym is the most complete set of brain-body exercises available for dramatically improving your balance and movement quickly and effectively. As devoted neuroscience geeks AND athletes, we've weeded through thousands of pages of research, combined that with real-world training experiences with tens of thousands of clients and athletes worldwide, and boiled it all down into this simple follow- along program. The Balance Gym is a vital piece of the total-body pain relief and performance training.

How Does It Work?

The Balance Gym takes a unique approach to improving your balance and movement in comparison to most balance training programs. The reason for this is our recognition that world-class balance skills require two distinct events to occur:

  • Signal Quality - Real world balance skill requires a very precise body-wide "symphony" of coordinated neural signals to occur.
  • Signal Integration - In addition to having excellent signal quality, we also need exceptional signal integration. This is all about how your BRAIN processes and integrates the neural information it's receiving from the eyes, the inner ear and the body

Here's a short list of just some of the things we've personally seen in our clients after using The Balance Gym:

  • Increased Movement Ease & Efficiency, and Decreased Pain
  • Vastly Improved Muscle Tone and Movement Skill
  • Improved Posture and Stability
  • Decreased Daily Muscle Tension and Improved Resistance to Stress

Digital Edition $77
Physical Edition $97

The Strength Gym

The Strength Gym is a very specific set of loaded mobility exercises that can reeducate your brain and body to become an elegant mover for the rest of your life. One of our basic concepts in Z-Health is the body you currently have is the body you've earned through the way you move. Over two decades of research into human movement have gone into the creation of this program, and the results we believe you will generate from it are nothing short of miraculous for many people. The Strength Gym takes a very specific and unique approach to improving your mobility and strength on a joint-by-joint basis. It does this by not only targeting your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also by targeting your brain!

What Are The Benefits?

Improving your strength and your mobility will change your life in many ways. Here is a short list of some of the potential benefits we have seen in thousands of our clients:

  • Vast improvements in muscle tone, muscle density and strength
  • Fat Loss
  • Decreased overall body tension and improved ability to relax
  • Significant increases in sports performance
  • Significant decreases in or even total elimination of chronic joint and muscle pain


The Strength Gym is designed to work with 41 inch loop bands. To follow along and use The Strength Gym, bands are required. The Physical Edition includes 6 bands: 2 yellow (2 - 15 lb), 2 red (5 - 35 lb) and 2 purple (25 - 80 lb). The Digital Edition does not. If you'd like to research alternative bands, search the internet using "41 inch workout band."

Digital Edition $97
Physical Edition $147

Get the Vision & Balance Bundle

Digital Edition: $134
Physical Edition: $174

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