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Webinar Schedule

Practical Intensive Series

Included with your course purchase you will have the opportunity to join a Practical Intensive Webinar Series. These interactive webinars are designed to help with application. Check out the course catalog to learn more about courses. 

Essentials of Elite PerformanceOctober 20Wednesday 10 AM Pacific
R-PhaseNovember 2- November 16Tuesdays 12 PM Pacific
9S: Strength & SupplenessNovember 4-November 18Thursdays, 10 AM Pacific
Essentials of Elite PerformanceNovember 17Wednesday 10 AM Pacific
I-PhaseNovember 23- December 7Tuesdays 12 PM Pacific
9S: The Next EvolutionDecember 2- December 16Thursdays, 10 AM Pacific
Essentials of Elite PerformanceDecember 15Wednesday 10 AM Pacific
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This exploratory program is designed to share with you vital information, assessments and exercises from our certification curriculum.


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Applied Neuroscience for Pain Relief and Improved Performance

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